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Today at 11:40:53 am by Inglesport | Views: 145 | Comments: 2

New Book In Stock Now

In 1952 Underground Adventure by Arthur Gemmel and Jack Myres brought stories of exploration in the caves of the Yorkshire Dales to the reading public. Now, inspired by those classic tales, two new authors - Dave Haigh and John Cordingley continue the theme into modern times, bringing to life the dedication, ingenuity and sheer hard work needed to break new ground,often in desperately difficult circumstances, yet blend their narrative with the outrageous humour known only to cavers. :coffee:
March 12, 2017, 11:59:10 am by Pegasus | Views: 2668 | Comments: 87


 :bounce: It's caption competition time again  :bounce:

Thanks to Warmbac we have two great prizes:


First prize a Rigger Tackel Bag and second prize a pair of the famous warmbac long neoprene wetsocks.

(The bag will be in the colour of Kermit's choosing and the socks will be in your size  ;D)

Simply post a caption for this photo on this thread
(max entries 5 per forum member)

Winner to be chosen by me, or Kermit if I can persuade him....

Closing date 10pm, 31st March - Good luck!!

 :thumbsup: Many thanks to Warmbac for the prizes, Erin Lynch for the use of the photograph and Madphil for letting us use it 

January 27, 2017, 09:23:05 pm by Badlad | Views: 3011 | Comments: 28

Free rigging gear for UK cave projects

Ukcaving has over 1.5km of 11mm rope to give away thanks to a generous benefactor.

Photo shows just a fraction of the rope on offer

We'd like to help out with any projects that need rope.  We have 150 krabs too.

Your project could be digging, diving, climbing, bolting, you tell us why you need some rope and we'll do our best to help.

All we ask is that you take responsibility for the rope especially in terms of safety and conservation

 Tell us about your project and we'll take it from there.  No strings attached

PM me or email  :thumbsup:
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