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Upper Flood 17th November 2007
« on: November 19, 2007, 04:14:17 pm »
SCG trip for this week included Chris H, Ben and Me.  Originally Bru was meant to tag along but he ended up covering for another SCG member with a poorly toe at work which left room for Ben.

So, Saturday morning 9am, we met for breakie in Shipham before heading over to the MCG for 10am to meet Mike, our leader for the day.  I’ve driven past this hut loads and loads and never knew it was the MCG home.  Met Mike and got kitted up wetsuit/oversuit style then bimbled down the track to the cave, we were in for 11am. 

The trip was great.  It was interesting to see the ‘old’ Upper Flood never mind the new stuff.  The entrance consisted of a bunch of steps and a crouched walk down a tunnel.  The tunnel thinned at one point and we were soon down onto hand and knees crawling.  We made our way to Midnight Chamber which is pretty spectacular and then on down Midnight Streamway being careful not to knock any pretty stuff hanging off the ceiling. Midnight Streamway is really impressive and actually one of my favourite parts of the cave despite being our first descent into nice cold water.  After this my memory is a bit hazy, I think there may have been some crawling? –I know we did a lot of that and then we came to the Red Room.  In here is a really interesting dark deep red piece of flowstone coming down the wall.  Following this we began to enter the more recent years of digging and climbed down some scaff bars and onto the more arduous bit of the trip crawling through the boulder chokes.  These didn’t prove too tricky and the infamous 23cm squeeze we weren’t sure whether we’d passed or not.

Finally we reached the Departure Lounge and Mike kindly stepped aside to let us go first and take it all in.  It really is amazingly spectacular and very pretty.  We continued through this ‘new’ part of the cave and on into the streamway where we crawled hands and knees for most of it.  I was glad of my knee pads though they are quite worn now and coming back I felt like I could still feel every stone.  Past the Departure Lounge you really get a feel that the cave is largely untouched, the rocks are still jagged and pointy and the stal. is amazingly bright.

The new bit really did feel like it just went on and on.  We passed ‘Walk the Plank’ and from here on in the cave got much darker.  Finally we reached a large boulder just before East and West Passage where we sat and ate a chocolate bar or two and drank some of the water we’d carried through with us. 

We went up East Passage which had a completely different characteristic again, muddy, no pretties and some rather lose boulders.  The other guys went to the end but I hung back cause I didn’t fancy climbing up and traversing.  We headed back to the boulder and went on up to Royal Icing Chamber which is magnificent.  Definitely one of my favourite parts of the cave.  We passed Neverland which is out of bounds now but just glancing down from the end you can see it is very very very pretty down there.  On to West passage and a final chamber where we sat contemplating for a while. 

We headed on out after this via another stop at the boulder for some chocolate.  My knees really began to feel every single stone by the time we were back near the entrance.  We were out for 4pm and there was still daylight.   Had a fantastic trip, thanks very much to Mike for being our leader and to all the guys that found such a fantastic place!
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