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Following on again from last week (which went much better than the first attempt, bar a few microphone issues  :lol:) we're back once again for the Third in our series of Lockdown Livestreams.

This Week's Topic is Cave Diving - Featuring our Special Guest, Jim Warney.

As some of you may know, Jim is an Irish-based Cave Diver who has been actively exploring caves in Ireland since 2006, and diving since 1997. Ji is also the diving officer for the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation (ICRO) and will be talking about his exciting passion of exploring the dark flooded cave passages of Ireland. Other notable facts about Jim include his assistance during the Thai Cave Rescue in 2018.

So join us again this Thursday, 4th June 2020 at 8pm on our YouTube Channel. All being well, it should last approximately 1 hour!

We hope to see some of you there!

A big thank you once again to all the guests who have appeared throughout our series so far, in addition to all the photographers who have kindly allowed use of their photographs during the stream, including Robert Mulraney and Adam Prior.

If you would like to suggest a topic, or would like to come on the event as a guest, please feel free to message us either through the form, or via email: suipublicrelations@gmail.com

NB: As with all livestreaming events, we hope that everything runs smoothly, however there is still the chance that some of our guests who will be joining us may have internet connection issues. I apologise in advance if any issues present themselves during the stream. I personally will be fighting the technical challenges live as they present themselves!

Kind Regards,
Paul McCarron

SUI Public Relations Officer
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