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Third EuroSpeleo Newsletter, October 2017
« on: October 13, 2017, 10:46:33 am »
Third EuroSpeleo Newsletter, October 2017 - Troisième Bulletin d'information EuroSpeleo, Octobre 2017

English version
It is with great pleasure that the European Speleological Federation (FSE) publishes its third EuroSpeleo Newsletter. This Newsletter will be exclusively available in electronic form and it will be distributed through the FSE mailing lists, website and Facebook page. It will be edited by the FSE Bureau and will inform member countries and individual speleologists about important events nationally and internationally as well as new developments and the initiatives of the FSE and its member countries. This Newsletter will be released on an occasional basis.
Please spread this newsletter on the broadest way possible among caving clubs and individual speleologists and all those interested.
You can download the English version of the January 2016 Newsletter here: 

With cordial regards,
The FSE Bureau, October 2017

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Re: Third EuroSpeleo Newsletter, October 2017
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 11:28:51 am »
Shirley Shome Mishtake, the link is to a newsletter almost two years old.

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Re: Third EuroSpeleo Newsletter, October 2017
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2017, 09:20:44 am »
A bit complicated.  It was sent as a pfd file.  Took me a long time to convert it to WORD.  Many pictures omitted.

EuroSpeleo Newsletter October 2017

T his third issue of the EuroSpeleo Newsletter contains information about the changes in regard to EuroSpeleo Projects and news related to the 11th EuroSpeleo Forum in Belgium.
FSE wishes to reach all European cavers with its Newsletters. Please distribute the Newsletters as widely as possible through your national federation and club mailing lists.
The FSE Bureau, October 2017
SPEL^0 <*-° ★ * ★ % ★ ★ *

*   ★ *
This Newsletter is issued by the Bureau of the European Speleological Federation (FSE)
B.P. 3067, L-1030 Luxembourg Web: Facebook: e-mail: [email protected]
ISSN 2418-4500

Cooperation agreement between the Asian Union of Speleology (AUS) and FSE entered into force
The January 2016 EuroSpeleo N ewsletter reported on the 2nd Asian Transkarst Conference in Lichuan, Hubei (China) where the Asian Union of Speleology (A U S ) was formally founded.
S u b s e quently, the 2016 General Assembly of FSE decided to form an alliance with AUS.
Therefore, a joint agreement was signed by AUS President Eko Haryono (Indonesia) in July 2017 during the 17th Intl. Congress of Speleology in Sydney, Australia. The agreement was counter¬signed by FSE president Ged Campion (UK) at the 11th EuroSpeleo Forum in Ferrieres (Belgium) on 15th September 2017 and thus entered into force on the same day. This makes speleologists from AUS member countries eligible for EuroSpeleo Project under the same preferential criteria as participants from Middle/South America and the Caribbean countries (members of FEALC) as well as from Africa and Middle East countries.
The EuroSpeleo Project guidelines can be found at: urospeleo-projects-fundings.html AUS member countries currently include: the P.R. of China, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Visit FSE’s Official Partners at - - -

Ebensee, Austria 23rd to 26th August 2018
21-22 October 2017
BCRA Cave Science Symposium & Field Trip
School of Earth and Environment, Maths/Earth/Environment Building, The University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9JT, United Kingdom. - http://british-
27-29 October 2017
33rd Annual Suicro Symposium, Ireland
The Lough Melvin Holiday Centre in Garrison, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. -
1-5 November 2017
International Caving Meeting “FinalMenteSpeleo2017” in Italy
Finalborgo, 17024 Finale Ligure, Savona, Italy. -
1-3 December 2017
A Golden Age of Cave Exploration - Celebrating 50 Years of British Cave Exploration & Cave Science at Home and Abroad.
Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR, United Kingdom. - golden-age-of-cave-exploration-tickets-35817618461
7-9 December 2017
Toposur 2017- Simposio Internacional de Topograffa Espeleologica
Aulas del Instituto Andaluz del Deporte, Junta de Andalucia, Avenida de Santa Rosa de Lima, 5, Malaga, Spain. - sur-2017.html

Important changes for EuroSpeleo Projects (ESP) and EuroSpeleo Forums (ESF)
FSE has three official partners: Aventure Verticale S.A.R.L. (Cholet/France), Beal Ropes S.A. (Vienne/France) und Scurion GmbH (Burgdorf/Switzerland). Every year, our Partners provide valuable equipment sponsorship for ESPs and ESFs. This sponsorship enhances the benefits of European caving projects substantially.
Times are changing and life becomes increasingly faster paced and more complex. Social media now plays a far more significant role, both in private life and in business - including the FSE and our Official Partners. Consequently, the FSE was asked to update the contracts with our Partners. Following that, important new requirements for newly approved ESPs and ESFs have been introduced:
In the past, EuroSpeleo Projects only had to deliver one final report at the latest 3 months after the termination of the project. This report had to be accompanied by 8 photographs (in total) for the use of our sponsors, 2 of which (per sponsor) were required to show the equipment in action during the event. There was no such reporting requirement for EuroSpeleo Forums.
In future, it will be necessary for every EuroSpeleo Project and every EuroSpeleo Forum to deliver a report, at the latest 3 weeks after termination of each project. This report must include a short narrative (half an A4 page) either in English or in French language on the results of the sponsored event. As before, this must be accompanied by 8 photographs (in total), at least 2 of which (per sponsor) must show the equipment received in action during the event. Photographers will be credited by our Official Partners, if the names of the photographers are provided. This must be sent to [email protected]
Additionally, projects are from now on required to provide a short product review of the equipment supplied by their sponsor, This report should also be received, at the latest, 3 weeks after the event. This must be sent by the project organizers to [email protected]
For EuroSpeleo Projects a more detailed final report, 3 months after the event, continues to be a necessity, as described in the current ESP guidelines. (To be sent to [email protected]).
This new deadline of reporting within 3 weeks should enable our Official Partners to present sponsored events in a more effective and timely manner on their social media websites. It will also aid and enhance the development of their products.
The new ESP and ESF reporting requirements will require projects to make a thorough assessment of the equipment provided for their expedition/event and it will ensure a more timely and effective response to our Official Partners. If, in any time, it seems that these reporting requirements might not be met, FSE reserves the right to challenge the involvement of an equipment sponsor when receiving the project application.
From now on, the FSE will rigidly follow up these deadlines (3 weeks for ESPs AND ESFs as well as 3 months for ESPs). If deadlines are not met, the FSE Bureau will take any action necessary on a case-by-case basis.
Updated ESP and ESF guidelines are available on the FSE website (


Banski Suhodol 2015 (EuroSpeleo Project 2015-06) was organised by the Bulgarian clubs SCC “Akademik” and SC “Helictit”. Members from several other Bulgarian caving clubs (“CCSU Sofia”, “Pod ruba” - Cerovo, SC “Caving” - Sofia, SC “Sjutka” - Rakitovo, SC “Prista” - Rousse SC “Iskar” Sofia) also took part, as well as cavers from Iran, Serbia, Greece, and Poland. A total of 53 speleologists participated with part of the team joining the first half, and others, the second part of the expedition.
This year we planned to bottom and fully survey BS N 9-11 Cave. T. Kisimov, K. Stoilov, M. Entezari, and M. Sheykhrasti surveyed the stream passages. P. Bakalov, I. Petrov, D. Hristova, H. Canev, S. Zarev and L. Makrostergios formed three groups and surveyed both upstream passages. Other groups (M. Saghafi, E. Byramian, S. Goranov and R. Nenkin) surveyed a fossil passage in the “blockage hall”. 750 m of passages with a depth of -85 m were mapped, bringing the total length of the cave system to 1,100 m and the total depth to -354 m. This makes BS N 9-11 Cave the third deepest in Bulgaria. B. Petrov, S. Goranov and S. Krosneva from the Bat Research and Conservation Centre (National Museum of Natural History, Sofia) continued their study of the bat fauna in the area, which had begun the previous year. This time they found four different bat species in BS 30 Cave. Konstantin Stoichkov also made biospeleological collections in BS 23 Cave.
The expedition received support from the EuroSpeleo Projects Fund, Beal Ropes, Aventure Verticale, and Scurion.

The FSE Bureau and FSE Commission chairpersons as of 2017, from left to right: Jean-Claude Thies (European Cave Protection Commission Chair) (LU), Vice-Treasurer Ernest Geyer (AT), Antoniya Vlaykova (European Cave Rescue Commission Chair) (BG), President Ged Campion (GB), Vice¬President Mladen Garasic (HR), Vice-Secretary Michael Laumanns (DE), the new General- Secretary Alena Gessert (SK), and Treasurer Henk Goutier (NL). Photo: Karsten Gessert.
11th EuroSpeleo Forum in Ferrieres (Belgium), Sept. 2017
More than 300 cavers from European countries and overseas, including China, participated in the 11th EuroSpeleo Forum in Ferrieres (Belgium),from the 15th to 17th September. The Meeting took place as part of the Speleologische Dagen (Caving Days), organised by Belgian and Dutch cavers. The event also hosted the 2017 General Assembly (GAM) of the European Speleological Federation.
The FSE General Assembly endorsed the new Internal Regulations of the European Cave Rescue Commission (ECRC) and elected Slovakian speleologist and karst geomorphologist Alena Gessert as new FSE General- Secretary for a term ending in 2021. FSE President Ged Campion and Vice-Treasurer Ernest Geyer were re¬elected for a new term until 2021.
A large number of field trips and presentations, as well as a splendid buffet, contributed to the success of the EuroSpeleo Forum. We thank our Flemish colleagues from the Verbond van Vlaamse Speleologen, our Dutch friends from Speleo Nederland and the Wallonian cavers from the Union Belge de Speleologie for
organising this excellent event!   Buffet at the ^ Vh ESF (photo: E.Geyer).

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Re: Third EuroSpeleo Newsletter, October 2017
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2017, 10:23:32 am »
I think this is the correct link  ;D

Found it on FB (cavers of Facebook)
Dagobert L'Ecluse (SC Avalon - Belgium)

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Re: Third EuroSpeleo Newsletter, October 2017
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Well done Leclused.  I could not find it anywhere   :o