Today at 03:33:36 pm by christine | Views: 52 | Comments: 1

Hi folks

I've taken the brave decision to show this 2013 film about UK cave diving - but it will only be available for 24 hours as of 8pm this evening UK time.

It is only available on the WetWellies caving Facebook page and it will not be shown anywhere else or at any other time. I've moved on since then so miss it and you miss it ;-)

Including Goughs cave, Boreham, Swildons Hole and OFD.

Here is the link - hope you enjoy it!  :beer2:
Today at 02:23:23 pm by Judi Durber | Views: 86 | Comments: 0

Whoop Whoop Descent has just arrived   :bounce:  Love the photo on the back  (won't be doing it for a while   :weep:  )

Looks like there is lots of good info :  Light balance; Surveys; trip reports (Greenland) ...   

Okay time for   :coffee:

May 27, 2020, 04:50:19 pm by Juan | Views: 237 | Comments: 2

   Circumstances have forced us to delay the "Matienzo Caves Project: 2010 - 2019" book. The publication date is now 27th November which is just in time for Xmas presents! The good news is that the content will not be too much out-of-date. The book has turned out to be 510 A4 pages with indices - quite a hefty volume. The price is likely to be £25 with discounts for contributors and free to authors of more substantial articles and collaborators.
   Packing and postage is likely to be around £10 - so "agents" are being recruited around the country to sell within clubs, etc to keep the cost down. Payment by bank transfer will be the preferred payment method. Some copies may go to caving shops.

  Please let me know by email or on this page:
1: If you want to reserve a book or books
2: If you can take a box of books and act as an "agent"

Further details will be posted nearer the publication date.

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