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  1. zzzzzzed

    Very silly pics

    I'm pretty sure I saw that one in the Tate Modern.
  2. zzzzzzed

    Cumbria coal mine go-ahead

    https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/britain-should-embrace-new-coal-mining/ There are some interesting points made in this article about the use of coal in steel production.
  3. zzzzzzed

    Camping on NRW land, complaint received by CAL

    You see campervans and motorhomes parked up all over the North of Scotland, there are hundreds of them. If you want to park up for the night anywhere there's an app called Park4Night which can show you where to go.
  4. zzzzzzed

    Interesting challenge for someone wanting a house in the Dales ...

    For £350k you could buy the Helwith Bridge pub a few miles down the road with a four bedroom flat above it... https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/120623123#/?channel=COM_BUY
  5. zzzzzzed

    Station inn ribblehead

    There's a campsite across the road from the Hill Inn, Philpin Farm campsite I think. It'll be cheaper to stay somewhere like the YSS though.
  6. zzzzzzed

    One word to describe caving....

  7. zzzzzzed

    Gloves for cold hands?

    Cold hands can be a sign that you're not wearing enough on your torso so blood starts to withdraw from the extremities.
  8. zzzzzzed

    Ribblehead cave collapsed?

    http://oldfieldslimestone.blogspot.com/2013/05/gearstones-and-holme-hill-cave-may-bank.html There are some photos of the entrance on this page
  9. zzzzzzed

    Ribblehead cave collapsed?

    I don't know Ribblehead Cave but according to the CNCC website https://cncc.org.uk/cave/ribblehead-cave it's miles away from where you're looking. Click on the link to CaveMaps.org - they've positioned it up near Thwaite and no where near Ribblehead or Blea Moor Road. It does look like you’ve...
  10. zzzzzzed

    18650 Carrying Tubes

  11. zzzzzzed

    Neanderthal remains unearthed in Italian cave

    Archaeologists in Italy have discovered the remains of nine Neanderthals who may have been hunted by hyenas, in a prehistoric cave south-east of Rome. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57044002
  12. zzzzzzed

    Wild Ingleborough Project Officer

    Just seen this if anybody is interested.... https://www.ywt.org.uk/jobs/wild-ingleborough-project-officer
  13. zzzzzzed

    New species discovered in French cave

    No, not Homo Speleologicus but Tethysbaena ledoyeri... :o https://brill.com/view/journals/cr/93/7/article-p819_10.xml