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  1. kdxn

    The Cave Book 1837-1855

    Press Release by the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust 06 January 2020 Long-lost cave exploration book has resurfaced A unique record dating back to early Victorian times about cave explorations in the Ingleborough area has recently been rediscovered. In 1837, members of the Farrer family of...
  2. kdxn

    Leica Geosystems Extends Sponsorship of BCRA Cave Surveying Competition

    Leica Geosystems Extends Sponsorship of BCRA Cave Surveying Competition For 2019 to 2021 inclusive, Leica Geosystems UK will be sponsoring two Disto X3 laser rangefinders each year for the British Cave Research Association Cave Surveying competition to be held at the annual UK caving conference...
  3. kdxn

    Kneepads ?

    Have been using the Warmbac Warmtex knee pads for the last year and they are now wearing out. Although the price is high, the cost of knee damage is much higher. On a recent trip to La Palma, the local Lava Tube cavers use Skateboard kneepads because of the high rock abrasiveness. They do not...
  4. kdxn

    Bluetooth USB Dongle for DistoX

    My PDA recently failed during a DistoX2 download and I lost a chunk of the data, or so I thought until a bit of work later. PocketTopo creates two files ~back1 and ~back2 as it downloads data and I was able to open these to recover some of the data. Normally you will not see these files because...
  5. kdxn

    Cave Surveying Competitions at Hidden Earth 2016-2019

    As you may be aware, Leica Geosystems UK have very kindly sponsored the cave surveying competitions at Hidden Earth in 2013 and 2014 with two Disto X310 each year and we also have two for 2015 as prizes. I can now confirm that Leica Geosystems will be extending their support for these...
  6. kdxn

    One Million Lumen

    For those of you that want to get away from the CRoW posts and you want to shed more light on your underworld then why not get a million lumen of power. The Vela One, on kickstarter right now, designed in Bristol...
  7. kdxn

    Illusion Pot Conservation and Maintenance

    With the rain this morning, we decided against our planned trip and instead did a tourist bimble round Illusion Pot with a camera. One of the bolts at the top of the third ladder in has popped out. Would be good if someone visiting in the near future could redo this. Duck was a bit wet even...
  8. kdxn

    Underground Britain TV Series

    Underground Britain, a six part series featuring Rob Bell has been produced by Lion Television Productions for broadcast on Channel 5. http://www.rob-bell.me/Presenter_Profile/Home.html http://www.liontv.com/London/Home There will be six one hour episodes featuring man-made and natural...
  9. kdxn

    Caving to be on BBC1

    The recent BPC GG winch meet will feature on the One Show, BBC 1, Tuesday 10th June at 7pm
  10. kdxn

    Caver Post - Yorkshire to Mendips

    Anyone from Mendips visiting Dales soon or vice versa ?? Need to send some DistoX2 batteries down south to get some more digital cave surveying done. Ta.
  11. kdxn

    Cavedigger Oscar Nomination

    Whilst perusing today's news, came across "Cavedigger" nominated for one of the Oscars ! This is one man's obsession with creating artistic caves within sandstone in New Mexico. Ra Paulette refers to "the dance of digging" ! Details of the film can be found here...
  12. kdxn

    Lizard Pot Survey

    I have been asked to survey Lizard Pot, Allotment, to help with Volume 2 of the BCRA guide to Caves and Karst of Yorkshire Dales but I do not want to get side-tracked from surveying the GG system. Is anyone or any club willing to survey Lizard Pot as a project and add it to the BCA Cave Survey...
  13. kdxn

    Lanzarote 2014 Piccies

    Some pictures taken with my handheld camera and headlight.
  14. kdxn

    Caver Post - Yorskhire Dales to Mendips

    Need to deliver two LiPo batteries to Bristol/Mendip area for DistoX2 builds. Royal Mail do not permit LiPo batteries to be mailed unless they are already fitted inside an electrical device, hence the need for caver post. LiPo's currently in York but could leave for pickup at...
  15. kdxn

    Digital Nikonos ?

    Is the new Nikon AW1 the ideal cave photography and video solution ? Mirrorless body. Interchangeable lenses. Silicon skin option - orange for all of you missing Nikonos. Waterproof to 15m. Shockproof to 2m drop. http://www.nikon.com/news/2013/0919_nikon1_01.htm And available for ?749 with...
  16. kdxn

    Real Time Surveying

    MIT and the National University of Ireland have come up with a new algorithm to use a Kinect camera to 3D map passages as you go. Will be limited to the effective range of the Kinect and to spaces where you can return to the start point. Would be interesting to see if it will work in a cave...
  17. kdxn

    New Cave Survey Competitions for Hidden Earth 2013

    The latest Descent (232) page 5 announces two new Cave Survey competitions to be introduced at Hidden Earth 2013. The first competition will be for a Cave Survey salon to be judged by delegates. The second competition will be for a digital Cave Survey submitted to the BCA Cave Survey Registry...
  18. kdxn

    BBC1 7:30pm 28 Dec 2012

    BBC1 The One Show Producer has said that The Frozen Deep will appear on the 2012 highlights to be broadcast this evening at 7:30pm on BBC1.
  19. kdxn

    Finding Caves Using Relativity

    Finding Caves Using Relativity ? Yes according to the University of Zurich. Clocks located at different distances from a heavy body like our Earth tick at different rates. Similarly, the closer a clock is to a heavy underground structure the slower it ticks ? a clock positioned over an iron...
  20. kdxn

    CaveSniper Cave Surveying Device

    Some Polish cavers have developed the CaveSniper for Cave Surveying. http://www.caveexplorer.eu/index.php?k=11&lang=en Does what the Shetland Attack Pony did plus Bluetooth logs the Disto distance as well. Offers quite a few display statistics of the cave with multiple data outputs. Cost is...