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  1. Wayland Smith

    which carabiners for anchors

    Then later we can debate the merits of steel / stainless vs ally. :rolleyes: Or titanium!!!
  2. Wayland Smith

    South Crofty

    But there's good money to be made doing investigations and studies along with drilling holes. (If you can find investors.) :giggle:
  3. Wayland Smith

    Parys Mountain... Interesting in resuming underground mining

    A lot of us older watchers have seen many boosts of promotion at Parys. Many sessions of investigation from drilling to full-scale mining. Some fool investor comes forward with some money for trials and studies. When the money runs out the project stalls again. Usually, they manage to spend...
  4. Wayland Smith

    Historic mining lamp question

    Just to clarify. It is capable of being re-lit (by connecting to a battery) without opening the lamp. However, this would only have been done in a designated safe place, by a trained and authorized man. A normal miner was strictly forbidden from relighting his own lamp.
  5. Wayland Smith

    The decaying remains of a Welsh quarry abandoned decades ago.

    Wales online website. Penwyllt The decaying remains of a Welsh quarry abandoned decades ago The limestone quarry at Penwyllt has been left in disrepair for many years Some nice pictures.
  6. Wayland Smith

    Found a big cavern under slab but not sure where to find surveys

    The National Library of Scotland has an online section of Ordnance Survey maps, including 6 inch and 25 inch of most of the country. They are always worth browsing for historical information. Try this. Stony Middleton 25"...
  7. Wayland Smith

    Cumbria coal mine go-ahead

    Possible alternative? Breakthrough in nuclear fusion energy announced https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-63950962 BUT! Remember in 1954 we were told that nuclear power would result in electricity so cheap that it could not be metered! "The phrase was coined by Lewis Strauss, then...
  8. Wayland Smith

    Cumbria coal mine go-ahead

    No, but, I remember taking them back to get 3d (three old pence.) Two of them and you could get six penn'orth of chips and have a feast! :)
  9. Wayland Smith

    Cumbria coal mine go-ahead

    I seem to remember a lot of discussion of this in the past. Not sure if it was here or in the mining forum. People with knowledge of the area seemed sceptical that it could be profitable. This is where the real money is made though, by consultations and planning reports. Actually digging...
  10. Wayland Smith

    Natural Resources Wales Corporate Plan 2023-30

    Also, as part of the merger many of the older people who had been there a long time and knew their jobs left or took redundancy. They now seem to manage things with inexperienced people running from "guidelines." The easiest answer to any question is "no!" They just do not have the knowledge or...
  11. Wayland Smith

    Phone Charging in Caving Huts

    The mind boggles at what you were doing in someone's sleeping bag! o_O
  12. Wayland Smith

    Cwmorthin Slate Mine Resurvey

    On the right hand side, the word "entrance" is a clue.
  13. Wayland Smith

    Cwmorthin Slate Mine Resurvey

    I think everything that could be investigated (however dodgy it looked!) Has been visited over the years. There were many reports on the Mining forum. Some of the lower floors were investigated when Oakley was pumping, all are flooded again now. Remember that most of the upper floors are...
  14. Wayland Smith

    Mine exploring in the Klondike

    I suspect that a lot of places there are still owned, or worked. "Get off my claim" is likely to be reinforced with firearms! If you are interested, I would try to get some reliable, local information.
  15. Wayland Smith

    Best Ever Tory Leadership Song

  16. Wayland Smith

    Huge 'sinkhole' emerges in Bexleyheath

    Video here. (Sky news) https://news.sky.com/story/motorcyclist-has-lucky-escape-after-trying-to-jump-sinkhole-on-london-road-12638753
  17. Wayland Smith

    Rope Thickness for In-Situ Rope

    A direct question to one of the groups that regularly install ropes into mines might get you first-hand information. Possibly Shropshire or Derbyshire would know. (The people with the knowledge might not be on this forum.)
  18. Wayland Smith

    What do you take with you?

    I would agree with this. It is everyone's job to check rigging and climbing gear. If it does not look right, or if you don't understand please, please ask. I would go as far as to say, if the leader will not explain, then you have the wrong leader! But, in my experience people are usually...
  19. Wayland Smith

    What do you take with you?

    My perhaps slightly controversial thought on first aid kits. Your aim in dealing with an accident underground should be getting the casualty out, still breathing, with most of their blood still inside them. A roll of insulation tape and some big safety pins might be of more use than a pretty...