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    Frugal Owd-Git seeks undersuit. 5'7" stretchy at the middle really handy! Thanks for reading. O.G.
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    Peak District Rigging Guide. CCPC

    standard measure is to follow the breeze in Clatterway. then cut across the right garden to the road,to avoid bad looks!!
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    mines and quarry's electrical advice,

    a friend wants to install caravan hook up points in his disused quarry, electrical reg's reqire earth. what is standard spike? or buried Cu sheet? or what? NIC can't advise on quarry reg's. Any one out there in 'the know?'. thanks for reading. Ric'.pm or txt 07790 694292. thanks again. O. G.
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    ex army stove.

    Anyone / club want to make an offer on an ex army 1950's 'Beale & Dean no. 4 field oven' ?  I have it dismantled and ready to go. 29" h 30"w 24"deep. stove pipe in poor state , 4 man lift when assembled!!. any questions? Ric'.
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    world championships HEN-RACING today@ Bonsall

      :beer2:  see title, hens to dope and "train"  :beer2:
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    Tackle bags

    Whoaa! not the usual whose is best bitchin, A good friend is considering small scale production.: What do you prioritise in your fave' bag type? Many thanks Ric'. (Owd Git)
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    Jug Holes' B'stard big bro'!!

    Being a small, simple idiot, I really do now believe some apparantly well manered, perfectly inoccuous psycopaths deliberately, and with aforethought. encourage me 'for their own entertainment' to join them on "a jolly bimble"; a little flat ,a bit of mud.( we laff at mud in the peak  :lol: )...
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    owl hole electron ladder.

    Do any of you good people know if the ladder is still in place in owl hole? Many thanks, in advance. Owd Git. (friday Matt?  :thumbsup: )
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    the strange affair of a dry Owd-Git

    Before I start; Unless you are one of the posters with more in their 'signiture' than their real life, and want to postulate that I have indeed already started... well I am just about to .. Ready? Gather round boys and girls and try not to judge an old fool or two,or three (sorry Clive :-[ ) On...
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    should we worry yet?

    Worring sale by auction board on Masson Hill! see Bagshaws. LOCATION The land occupies an elevated position off Salter?s Lane, less than 1.7 miles from the centre of Matlock, just outside of the Peak District National Park, with excellent views of the area. Matlock is 8.5 miles from Bakewell...
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    Wot you done this week due to the weather?

    I actually got round to fixing my own shower :o :o :o :o Ask a tradesman (you know .... the worst shod kids are a coblers.)
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    Eldon Hole

    Anyone know if we'll need a shovel friday eve? Cheers O. G.
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    Almost caving!

    Jon & I must get fit 4 Titan (June) So we'll be throwing rope willy-nilly at Snake lead mine toorrow eve. Anyone want to 'Play S.R.T.?' BCA card req. will rig climbers & 240" engine shaft. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: O. G. 6.30-700ish @ Armlees Farm Ryderpoint.
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    L/Handed ascencion

    Offers/ swaps offered? older type with metal catch, very clean, teeth v good. O.G.
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    Petzl i'D

    Brand new, honestly unused. Offers.? :shrug: O.G.
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    misleading information on line!!!

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QW85kfakJc To lay a little background to my opinion that the above is absolute *ollox, i shall explain the research Mattew and I undertook yesterday. He ( who shall be known as Matthew / Matt' or similar, during the following report.)  and I (similar parameters of...
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    pipe,might deliver local ( derbys')

    'Bout 5 foot of huge, 2 foot-ish internal dia' will measure later. gas pipe availible, been on the cadge. saw an off-cut and thought of you all. Pitlamp asked on PM last time so he has first dibs.  O. G.
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    waterways swallet

    Could any of you good people advise on predicted conditions for a trip  tomorrow eve'? Snorkel required or not? :lol: O. G.
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    seen these?

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    Trainers @ Jugholes parking spot.

    As title :thumbsup: will hold or leave @ local pub. Owd Git.