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  1. andywebman

    Cave Maps.Org

    How do I contact the person who runs the CaveMaps.Org website. We want to upload Sheet 1 of the Lancaster Hole survey to it as it is out of print and we have had requests for copies.
  2. andywebman

    Bull Pot of the Witches

    The tree used for SRT descent of the entrance pitch of Bull Pot of the Witches has been felled due to it being killed by ash dieback. This route is no longer safe to use. Please use the alternative entrance via path around the south slope and a handline into the small passage leading to the 7m...
  3. andywebman

    Red Rose CPC grant

    Bill Nix, the RRCPC treasurer applied for and got a ?10,000 grant from South Lakes District Council as part of the UK Government?s financial response for small businesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This money is now in the club bank account and will be used to pay the rent to our landlord...
  4. andywebman

    DistoX310 conversion

    We are thinking of purchasing a Disto X310 with a view to converting it to a Disto X. I have spoken to Benfool and he no longer has the parts to do this (only the anon serous batteries). Any idea where else I can get this done.
  5. andywebman

    Cave sediment question

    During recent excavations at a cave near the village of Casterton, Cumbria we have come across an interesting sequence of what I think are fluvio-glacial sediments. (See latest Descent 263. p14, Opening Slab Pot). Is there anyone who could help confirm what these are or would be interested in...
  6. andywebman

    Issues with phone at Bullpot Farm

    As many will know we have got access to Internet via B4RN at Bullpot Farm. As a result of this we dropped our telephone BT contract for a cheaper version via Vonage, a company that support B4RN and provided us with a telephone line via the internet. We have a few problems with this and are...
  7. andywebman

    Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club: South Lakeland Community Grant

    The club's recent application to Sedbergh & Kirkby Lonsdale (South Lakeland) Community Grants Fund was successful and a grant of ?400 has been awarded in respect of funding improvements to the access track to the club?s centre at Bullpot Farm and improvements to parking either side of it. The...
  8. andywebman

    Bullpot Farm SDF Grant

    On 16th December 2016 we were formally notified from the Yorkshire Dales National Park that we have been given ?8,000 SDF grant for Environmental Improvements to Bullpot Farm. This money will be available for a year from the start of the project on 1st February 2017 and relies on us getting...
  9. andywebman

    Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club - Journal 11 (2009-2016)

    Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club - Journal 11  (2009-2016) 245 pages of mainly Northern Dales exploration over the last 7 years Available direct from the editor (Ray Duffy)  rayduffy4325@btinternet.com  or  Mel Wilkinson  m.wilkinson@btinternet.com Also available at Inglesport  and Bernies...
  10. andywebman

    Colt Park Cave

    I am trying to locate any references or information on this cave on Park Fell, Ingleborough. The location description in NC vol 2 is completely wrong including grid ref but the older description in Pennine Underground gives a better location although it is not clear on the ground. Any info...
  11. andywebman

    Park Fell

    Interested to find out more information about caves on East side of Park Fell, Ingleborough, especially Blood Cave (ULSA) and Pint Pot and holes to the north. I already have GSG survey from 1971 of Pint Pot
  12. andywebman

    Slab Cave

    Interested in any information on Slab Cave and Colt Park Cave on the East side of Park Fell. Surveys would be useful. Already tried info via Northern Caves 2 and not got very far.
  13. andywebman


    I am looking into ways of chemically removing rock in caves. I know all about using Caps and SLB etc, but what exactly are snappers. Lots of references to this on Forum but no explanation
  14. andywebman

    Bullpot Farm Historical Photos

    I have put together a web page on the RRCPC website on photographs taken at Bullpot Farm http://www.rrcpc.org.uk/wordpress/accommodation-booking/bullpot-farm-historical-photos This is of interest to Dales cavers as well as RRCPC members. If you have suitable photos that you would like to...
  15. andywebman

    The British Caver

    The British Caver, long-running series started by Gerard Platten and individually printed by using a John Bull printing set, so that each page was prepared, produced in small numbers, The Red Rose C.P.C. Library has the following Volumes For Sale at ?10 each. Might consider exchanging :) Vols...