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  1. AndyP

    Daren Cilau - Through Trip - Daren to Cnwc

    Thank you for all the posted information, especially about the bats ! Much appreciated. Yes, I have the CSS through route description and some previously posted surveys on an old thread - so hopefully it’ll be a good trip !
  2. AndyP

    Daren Cilau - Through Trip - Daren to Cnwc

    Just after some advice on this through trip. I've been through the Daren Cilau entrance series previously ( many years ago...) but have never done the through trip. Are there any issues with water levels or flooding at this time of year and is it still possible to exit out via Cnwc without...
  3. AndyP

    Black Shiver Pot

    Great footage, thanks for posting. Did this trip many years ago now in the middle of a heatwave. We all thought it would have been a much tougher trip with more water on the pitches.
  4. AndyP

    Bradford Winch Meet

    I noted that the Bradford winch meet dates for May have been postponed. Does anyone have any knowledge if they are planning to rig the various GG entrances on the same May dates, as Craven did last August ?
  5. AndyP

    What caving huts are open in the Dales ?

    We're looking to get a weekend trip away at the start of October in the Dales. Does anyone know what huts are currently allowing visiting caving clubs to stay & what their arrangements are ? Would be looking at small numbers I expect ,as the grass seems to have grown under a lot of people's feet...
  6. AndyP

    Water levels in Kingsdale

    Can anyone help out with the current water level around Kingsdale ? We're up this weekend from the deepest South Coast and hoping to do a Simpson's/Swinstow exchange. Any thoughts on the entrance stream ways water levels welcome. Thanks Andy