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  1. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    I’m loving the creativity of the guesses here. For my part, I don’t suppose there’s a “Udale Cairn” tucked away in a little-visited corner of the Yorkshire Dales? On a more ridiculous note, the most nonsensical random permutation of the letters I can come up with is “Daren Cilau”. On the...
  2. rm128


  3. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    It is indeed. Told you it was easy. It's a great little trip and well worth a look. Don't just hurry past on your way to Scanty Lardos! Over to you Babyhagrid...
  4. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    Sorry for the delay. Here’s an easy clue to a little visited location: “Young King Cole and the pop goddess in a spot” (8, 3)
  5. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    As this has been dormant for a while, I’ll offer The Cigalere.
  6. rm128


    It's not the 3rd pitch in Quaking, is it? I'm not hopeful here as, to be honest, it's so long since I've been that I can't remember much about what it looks like, other than it being the size of GG Main Chamber... relatively speaking. I suspect I've also subconsciously removed the whole cave...
  7. rm128

    Dot to dot cavers

    I guess it’s worth remembering that rigging from topos isn’t a recent thing. Many of us will recall the Dave Elliot red bolt guide. A Great Leap Forward... in my opinion. Was that the beginning of us all losing the ability to rig?
  8. rm128

    Notts III rope

    On the subject of the sump, there appeared to be airspace as far as the eye could see from both ends last night. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it as a duck, but maybe it’s a sign that it does open up more than people think. Is someone actively digging in Inlet 17 at the moment?
  9. rm128

    Rope Making in Peak Cavern

    Currently available on Abe Books: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/title/when-i-was-a-child/author/charles-shaw/
  10. rm128

    Beginner Caves in Yorkshire Dales, please.

    Still worth doing at least a few trips with (experienced) others first though?
  11. rm128

    Lots of Kit / Books for sale on ebay

    I guess a link may be useful: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?item=394416154685&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2562&_ssn=scr-4236
  12. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    It's an anagram of "just copy unit" inserted into "view from above" = pla......n
  13. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    It could... and it is. Well done Roger. It's on our meets list for next Wed evening. I think we'll be relocating somewhere a bit less moist! Over to you.
  14. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    Cheers Andy. Here’s one for drier weather: “Difficult! The stock in this saucepan is under-cooked.” (10, 3)
  15. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    Platypus Junction?
  16. rm128

    Pollaraftra no access

    This is sad news indeed. Pollaraftara is a great Fermanagh trip. In fact, it was the site of my first ever real caving experience, back in 1984, with Queens University Belfast Caving Club. I really hope the landowner can be persuaded to change his mind over this.
  17. rm128

    Cave Booking Etiquette (eg. Lost Johns')

    I did it myself just last night on the Lancaster entrance pitch. Easy enough to rectify with experience, but an entirely different matter for a novice.
  18. rm128

    Some new thoughts on palaeolithic cave art

    For anyone interested, the full research paper is here: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/cambridge-archaeological-journal/article/an-upper-palaeolithic-protowriting-system-and-phenological-calendar/6F2AD8A705888F2226FE857840B4FE19 Double clash!
  19. rm128

    Pin the bolt on the mine shaft

    Am I the only one who is a bit uneasy with this thread? Stoney - if you are unsure where (or how) to place anchors, you need assistance from someone on the ground, not via a forum. I'm sure there are lots of (local) cavers on here who would be willing to help. There may well be all sorts of...
  20. rm128

    Cryptic caves

    I guess the Indigenous Soldier in question was a Sepoy then.