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    Book repricing

    My book got its review in the same Descent as Rick?s book and John?s book! So I guess lots of their books are being bought (and quite right too). So I?m dropping the price of mine to encourage more sales. The hardback goes from ?35 to ?20 and the paperback from ?25 to ?10. Here are the...
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    Contacting Dave Rose

    Please can Dave Rose contact me at g.proudlove[at]manchester.ac.uk Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,Graham Proudlove
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    New book available

    I have written a memoir about my time as a caver. It is now available. To order one or more copies do the following: Go to cavefishes.org.uk. Find the Menu top right. Drop to the bottom Menu entry ?A series of short passages?. Follow the instructions provided. Any questions see the instruction...
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    Forthcoming book

    I have spent at least 8 years writing a book about various things speleological, part memoir, part polemic. It should be published early to mid 2021. I have created a page on my subterranean fishes website that will anounce when it is available. If you are interested go to: cavefishes.org.uk...
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    Balch's illuminant

    We know that Balch (1937) told us that: ??candles are by common consent the most dependable illuminant, as they cast no treacherous shadows?? There is a modern take on this that goes something like: ?Balch?s dependable illuminant, It is a candle, bright, It casts no treacherous shadows, for...
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    Long shots

    In researching the Namibian subterranean fish, Claris cavernicola, I need to find the following: Author, Date and Title for the following journal entry: South African Speleological Association Bulletin 27: 53-99 An email address for Mark Sefton who was at Lancaster University in the 1970s...
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    Cavers not recovered from cave

    I need clarification on the following: Alan Erith was 5 years before being retrieved Paul Esser was 39 years before being retrieved As far as I can ascertain the following were never retrieved and are still in situ, advice please if this is wrong: Neil Moss Roger Solari David Woods Mossdale 6...
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    Photos needed

    I could really use photos of Ian Plant and Derek Crossland if anyone can a) supply one and b) give me permission  to use it in a book. I will probably be back with further requests for photos of cavers no longer with us. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Graham Attachments to g.proudlove [at]...
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    Contacting Patrick Warren

    I need to contact Patrick Warren. Can someone either give me his email or give him mine g.roudlove[at]manchester.ac.uk
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    Photo of Buster Wright

    Can someone provide me with a colour (ideally) photo of Buster in a cave, and also permision to reproduce it in a book I am preparing. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Graham
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    Fluent French speaker required

    I need to translate a shortish passage in French about fishes in caves in Croatia. My French is not good enough and the machine translation I have is also not good enough. Volunteer? Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,Graham
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    Photos for book

    I need photos for a book I am preparing. Currently I need a photo of the entrance of the Guiers Mort, from the inside looking out. Does anyone have such a thing. CDW does not. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,Graham
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    Peter Lord

    Does anyone know if Peter Lord is contactable? He is British but moved to Canada and caved in Mexico in the 1970s. Cheers,,,,,,,,,,,,Graham Proudlove
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    Subterranean fishes

    Some of you may be interested in the web site developed recently by me and Gary Douthwaite. www.cavefishes.org.uk Any comments etc. very welcome. Graham Proudlove
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    And the real age of British Niphargus

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    All you ever wanted to know about cave trout!

    https://entomologymanchester.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/an-unusual-dweller-of-british-caves-a-story-of-the-brown-trout/ Filmed for a Museum project. Graham
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    Boundary Pot names

    Can someone with a copy of Eyre and Ashmead please check for me the exact spelling and punctuation (including definite article, if any) of the following (I purposely omit punctuation): Bar Stewards Passage Savages Bypass Also, if there is any provenance for these names given please give me an...
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    Jingling main hang

    Can you rig Jingling main free-hang (from the tree) with a 50m rope? NC gives 43m and the rigging guide gives 60  (I believe the former but need to check). Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,Graham
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    Craftsman's Pot history

    Craftsman's Pot was explored and surveyed by the DCC and NCC in 1986. A passage at the top of Clock Pitch goes to a small choked chamber named on the survey as "Colins Dig". In NC 1994 (p. 57) this chamber is called "Bequest to the Brave". I need to know when this latter name was coined and...
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    Caving food size vs. energy

    [Should this be in Equipment?] I carry a chocolate bar in my small BDH drum emergency pack. One Mars Bar weighs 51g, provides 964kJ (= 230kcal) of energy, and is 100mm x 30mm x 15mm. So, can I get as much, or ideally more, energy, in a smaller and/or lighter, product? Graham