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  1. Cumbrian Neil

    Caving in Ordesa Spain

    Does anyone have any information (links) regarding caving (and access) in the Ordesa region of Spain?
  2. Cumbrian Neil

    So what's your favourite master cave?

    I'm interested to know what everyone's favourite master cave is in Yorkshire.  I'd have to say the one at the bottom of Meregill.
  3. Cumbrian Neil

    French Cave Rescue

    I've been living in the USA for close to 13 years now and still a citizen of the UK.  However, I can't get insurance through a Snowcard or BCRA because I don't permanently live in the UK. The only insurance I can get is medical, repatriation, etc from the entrance of the cave... but not in it...
  4. Cumbrian Neil

    Vercor Caves?

    So what are the classic "must do" Vercor trips?  Anyone got some thoughts? I'd specifically like to know about through trips in the region.  Any accompanying URLs for further reading would be appreciated. CN.
  5. Cumbrian Neil

    Three Days of Caving in the Dales

    Round One. July 10th promised to be a clear day with respect to the forecast.  Perfect.  So off onto the Easegill fells we went.  There were five of us in total ready to enter Top Sink and hopefully exit further down the system.  In my mind the Greater Easegill Traverse, Top sink to Pippikin...
  6. Cumbrian Neil

    So who does have the paperwork?

    Tonight I read the highly entertaining threads of "Are cavers illiterate?" and the tongue in cheek "Are writers crap at caving?"  I thought to pose the question/poll above.  I've personally submitted one article to Descent, which was edited, and was in no way put off by the corrections made by...
  7. Cumbrian Neil

    Chasm GESM??

    Anyone know much about the chasm GESM or associated caves in the same area of Spain? CN
  8. Cumbrian Neil

    Classic, accessible Irish caves.

    So I've never been to Ireland and I figure now it is being pushed as a tourist resort I should really take a look.  What are the classic caves, regardless of region, which are easily accessible without too much beaurocracy?  I have looked at all the other threads in regard to this question. CN.
  9. Cumbrian Neil

    Where next?

    After a pretty successful trip out to the Italian Dolomites to do some Via Ferratas this past summer, I am looking ahead to another adventure. Does anyone have any ideas on where to go next that has some good culture, caves, walking, and stable summer weather?  I'm looking for something in...
  10. Cumbrian Neil

    Gouffre Berger Trip Planning

    Does anyone have good information on planning, and executing, a trip to the bottom of the Gouffre Berger? CN
  11. Cumbrian Neil

    Gaping Gill - Far Waters / Far Country

    Does anyone have a digital copy of the survey for the Far Country / Far Waters in Gaping Gill??  are you willing to share?? CN.
  12. Cumbrian Neil

    Haemophilia and Caving

    Does anyone out there know any cavers with Haemophilia A (moderate)?? CN.
  13. Cumbrian Neil

    Tolerance Fit

    How high (and long) is the entrance squeeze in Daren Cilau??  I did it back in the early 90s, but time has made me question its dimensions... a little like a big fish story. CN.
  14. Cumbrian Neil

    David Beckham's Deal

    I never was a big fan of football even when I lived in the UK.  However, my head snapped from my American fast food when David Beckham was on my TV the other day.  Is he really worth £128million ($250 million) over five years?  Half-a-million pounds a week.... holy shit!  What do the folks back...
  15. Cumbrian Neil

    Man has sex with Odocoileus virginianus!

    I live in Northern Wisconsin where the winters are long, cold, and snowy.  The Americans have a hunting season (actually, they have one for about any kind of animal you can think of), nine days long, where folks can go out into the woods and blast the shit out of an unsuspecting deer all in the...
  16. Cumbrian Neil

    The Greater Easegill Traverse

    Anyone done this recently??  Is there permanent (useable) rope/ladders hanging down the 88ft pitch and Echo Aven? :bounce:- I had to put him on...  ::). CN.
  17. Cumbrian Neil

    Big, deep hole location.

    Does anyone know the longitude and latitude of Sótano de las Golondrinas on the Yucatan peninsula?
  18. Cumbrian Neil

    Life and Limb

    I recently read "Life and Limb" by Jamie Andrew... he talks of going caving during his rehab... it sounds like went into the Valley Entrance and West Kingsdale Master Cave... can anyone confirm this guess as being accurate?? CN.
  19. Cumbrian Neil


    There has been mention of Geocaching within these pages, but how many of you out there are active members? It's a good way of making use of your GPS and gets you out if the weather is too bad for caving. I was amazed how many caches are around the UK. Type in your post code and see how many...
  20. Cumbrian Neil

    Via Ferratas and Cortina, Italy

    I know this has very little to do with caving, but there are tunnels involved!! So... has anyone been to the Cortina region of Italy?? If so, what accomodations are available and which of the ferratas did you explore?? Any information would be appreciated! CN.