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  1. AliRoll

    Petzl snapgate and blue sling (notts pot)

    The is a chance we left a petzl snapgate and a blue sling in notts  :doubt: , if you happen to find it I would love to know (we are based at NPC)  :)
  2. AliRoll

    What gear is homemade nowdays?

    Lacking a caving belt and too tight to buy one I decided to create my own (Apparently I was in a in a fit of DIY fever). Several hours, 2m of tape and 5 stainless steel D-rings later I have a fancy new caving belt with added gear loops. This got me thinking, how much gear do people make...
  3. AliRoll

    BBC news article (cavers or climbers?)

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-china-45931708/giant-cave-hall-discovered-down-sinkhole-in-guangxi-china Article about caving, nice to see but they do keep referring to the cavers as climbers for some reason? (They look like cavers to me  ;) )
  4. AliRoll

    Vacuum sealing caving gear? a new storage option?

    I am in the process of acquiring several large vacuum storage bags when it occurred to me, why not store my caving gear in them when at home... possible pros: no cave/muddy smell, less space take up possible cons: puncturing? and more difficult to get to. So my question is has anyone tried...
  5. AliRoll

    Touring Alum and the Churns

    The sun was streaming through the window of the NPC, the birds were chirping and I was trying to work out why my throat felt like the Sahara. After some contemplation I decided that my bottle of blackberry gin the night before was probably the main culprit; with great reluctance I rolled out of...
  6. AliRoll

    York University cave and pothole club?s 35th Anniversary

    York University cave and pothole club?s 35th Anniversary Calling All YUCPC Alumni, in honor of our great Club's 35th Anniversary a celebration is being planned for Saturday 12th November 2016. It will be held at the York Brewery Tap Room (http://www.york-brewery.co.uk/About). There will be...
  7. AliRoll

    GoPro 3 white Lighting and cave suitability

    Hi Guys I am thinking of getting a GoPro 3 white for my caving, and was wondering if anyone had any experience using this model underground? :-\ I am planning on using a solar storm X2 bike light (advertised as 5000lm but closer to 2000lm I think) I have off eBay for my light source because i...
  8. AliRoll

    The Best backup light?

    Hi guys, i am planning on getting myself a reliable backup light; I've seen lots of people with lights like the Mini Q40 eLED (http://www.simplyscuba.com/products/UnderwaterKinetics/MiniQ40eLEDPlus.aspx) but was wondering if there is a better choice out there for a lower price if possible?