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  1. tdobson

    Caving Vs MTB - which is more dangerous?

    I'm trying to settle a debate with data, and science (rather than gut feel and anecdotes). Which of Mountain Biking and Caving is objectively more dangerous? This is clearly likely to be a biased forum, and I'm really keen for replies to be backed up with data rather than anecdotes. I realise...
  2. tdobson

    Bagshawe Coe Lock Issue

    thanks for the update
  3. tdobson

    A Bagshawe Birthday en Francais

    For my mother's 73rd birthday, she told me she wanted to do a harder trip. Offers of Giants Round trip were ruled out, and we settled on the idea of a trip to Bagshawe Cavern. Bagshawe Cavern is one of the longer caves in the Peak District, but a tourist trip there (as we have done *many*...
  4. tdobson

    Caving hut recommendations

    Which caving huts in Yorkshire have large rooms or extra floor space where one could run a workshop? (Other than YSS) Looking to run a first aid course and have overnight accommodation and catering facilities etc
  5. tdobson

    Women in Adventure Launch + Caving Film

    In lockdown, me and my mum, made a silly caving video and entered it into the BMC's "Women in Adventure" Film Competition as a laugh, thinking nothing would happen. Instead, we won a "Judges Special Mention" award! The BMC said: View the film here We've been invited to speak and show our...
  6. tdobson

    Matlock Parking

    I'm headed to wapping on Sunday for a wander, and I wondered if anyone could advise me on the best parking options for midday matlock at the moment? I used to park in the p&d carpark just below guillvers world, but I believe "for some reason" they now have height restrictions, and I drive a...
  7. tdobson

    Bagshawe Survey

    Has anyone (*ahem* Eldon?) published any recent surveys of Bagshawe Cavern? I have the 1991 John Beck survey (which is a thing of beauty!), but my sense is that it is probably outdated in some less visited areas. Not showing the 2010 French Connection dig from what I can see. COPD basically...
  8. tdobson

    Carlswark Flowerpot dig / Insitu rope?

    Is there an active digging team at Carlswark flowerpot entrance? There's a new blue, knotted polyp rope Insitu there. Clearly that'd allow descent to a suitably skilled person, and potentially ascent if you're nimble(!??). If it's in regular use, please disregard this - continue as you were...
  9. tdobson

    For Sale: Ecrin Roc, Ladder, Ascender, Overalls, Tacklesack etc.

    For Sale: BACS and Paypal accepted. Best to get hold of me by clicking here but I do read DMs and comments too. Cute Green Tacklesack (Caving Supplies) Want to make your friends green with envy? With the light from this tacklesack reflecting off their face, you'll have no problem. Big...
  10. tdobson

    Wanted:various bits of caving gear

    A bunch of friends have shared with me some of the caving kit and tackle they're after. Anyone here have any of these they're willing to sell on? a rainbow frog vintage Bernies undersuit. Size: medium Oversuit and undersuit. Size: M or M+ Oversuit (Warmbac size M+ or equiv) + caving belt for...
  11. tdobson

    Used Descenders and Chest Harnesses

    In a club context: Would you buy and use a used descender (which you had inspected and seemed ok)? Equally, would you use a used chest strap/harness, that seemed ok? Someone on this forum and I have been having a little chat and I'm interested to hear a broader set of opinions from across...
  12. tdobson

    Replacement Petzl Stop Nut?

    Like a clever person, I replaced a worn bobbin on this Stop and thought "ahhh, many more years of usage out of this!" But like a twerp, I didn't locktite the nut.... And so I've lost it. I'm quite eager to locate a suitable nut (I have the locktite now!) because it's literally the only thing...
  13. tdobson

    How frequently do you take hot drinks into the cave?

    How frequently do you take hot drinks into the cave? I'll go first: I never have, but I was reading through some notes and saw the word "flask" in reference to someone taking one into a cave. I thought, "that's an unusual name for a water bottle" and asked them - they've only done ~3 trips...
  14. tdobson

    Wanted: Microtraxion/Minitraxion, shelters and other things

    Is anyone selling a Minitraxion or Microtraxion for ?25 + postage? I'm also interested in any of these people might be eager to pass on: Emergency shelters/bothy bags Pulleys tackle sacks Screwgate karabiners Jammers and Stops Large/XL/XXXL etc Oversuits and Undersuits Best way to get hold...
  15. tdobson

    For Sale: Overalls, unusual karabiners and other spares

    4 X DMM Captive Eye 45kn steel karabiners (?9 each) 3 X 20ft steel ladders with c-links (all SOLD) 2 X large size 44 Click Workwear overalls (?9 each) 3 X medium size 42 Click Workwear overalls (?9 each) 2 X small size 40 Click Workwear overalls (?9 each) 1 X maillon rapide D-ring (?5) 1 X Clog...
  16. tdobson

    Can you use a double-fishermans with tape?

    A friend (who is on this forum) and I were having a chat, and I was asked "why can't I use a double-fishermans to join two lengths of tape, rather than a tape/water knot?" I have no clue. Tape is weird thing to tie, and all the advice I can easily find says "and the tape knot is great for...
  17. tdobson

    Stoney Middleton Dale - mini-hole-finding-walkabout

    With social, sporting caving less doable than usual - at least with the people I'd like to cave with, we decided to do some surface explores and poking of heads into things. Here's the entrances we visited, we didn't really "go" in any of them - but we now know how and how not to get to them...
  18. tdobson

    A jolly giants pre-lockdown trip

    A few days ago Alan, Siobhan, Samantha and me headed to Giants. This was Samantha's first, long-anticipated trip to Giants. For a long time she'd complained about me saying negative things, but with lockdown looming, we decided it was an appropriate trip. Sam: "I'd prefer to do the entire rest...
  19. tdobson

    Dry SRT recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations of a cave/mine in the peak district: Good in heavy rain includes SRT isn't utterly rubbish isn't massively committing SRT doesn't require a permit isn't super far to the SRT Essentially I'm looking to take some newbies who think they're progressing for some...
  20. tdobson

    Caving Crew wetness P scale (suggested)

    P0: like a desert. No water. eg some parts of Alderley Edge West Mine. P1-2: small amounts of optional water/puddles. eg Wapping Cumberland mine P3-4: above wellie depth, mandatory water. eg Bagshawe Main series P5-6: Maybe isolated significant wetness, but full immersion not required. Eg...