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  1. LadyMud

    Non SRT caves in the north

    Keep an eye on the CNCC website, as there should be some more courses appearing shortly, I believe.
  2. LadyMud

    Calling cave rescue via 999 ?

    On the other hand, Alderley Edge changed it's name to avoid any confusion: "As the railway network expanded and travel became easier, the railway company did not want its station called Chorley any more because of the possible confusion with Chorley in Lancashire. So, in 1880 they renamed it...
  3. LadyMud

    Buildings near White Scar Cave

    Is that an old quarry just across the road? Could one of the buildings be a gunpowder magazine?
  4. LadyMud

    Buildings near White Scar Cave

    These buildings?
  5. LadyMud

    SRT Rescue workshop this weekend. Space available

    This looks brilliant - excellent trainer, perfect venue, really good topics . . . and only £50! Just wish I was experienced enough to attend. Maybe next year?
  6. LadyMud

    Alderley Edge Mine on TV

    " . . . why else a bowl?" In case they got "caught short"? ;)
  7. LadyMud

    CRO fundraiser - Steph & Mikes Spine race

    That tracker is horribly addictive! Spine Challenge Steph (#613) and Mike (#630) are absolutely motoring along!
  8. LadyMud

    Calling cave rescue via 999 ?

    "Fortunately (& unfortunately) there aren't enough cave rescues happening" But the teams carry out regular practice sessions. Do any of these start off with a 999 call, I wonder?
  9. LadyMud

    Beginner Caves in Yorkshire Dales, please.

    I can also recommend the superb Yorkshire Dales Guides. Their 1-2-1 (or 1-2-2) SRT training is undoubtedly expensive, but well worth the investment. You'd learn a massive amount in a single day. "Gold Standard" training!
  10. LadyMud

    Beginner Caves in Yorkshire Dales, please.

    Get yourself booked on a couple of CNCC training days: https://cncc.org.uk/training/ "New to Caving" and "New to SRT" (2 days) - both have places left at the moment. Heavily subsidised, at only £25 per day, and with excellent instructors.
  11. LadyMud

    Alderley Edge Cobalt Mine on BBC2 "Digging for Britain"

    Well worth watching! iPlayer link
  12. LadyMud

    Happy New Year to All!

    Alternatively, as the journalist Sarah Lazarus tweeted last year: "No new year’s resolutions. It is the circumstances’ turn to improve.” :rolleyes:
  13. LadyMud

    Advice sought on LED house bulbs

    Dimmable LED bulbs - not cheap, though!
  14. LadyMud

    Vesper or Vespers?

    His age?
  15. LadyMud

    Menstruating + Caving

    At least there are some benefits to being old . . .
  16. LadyMud

    Caving Hacks, or things you learn with age?

    Actually, a Friend is a very useful accessory. They make handy improvised stepladders - and the better ones give you chocolate!
  17. LadyMud

    Dont beleive all you read in books!

    I'm sure it feels like 1,125 feet when you're going back up that rope!
  18. LadyMud

    Starless River

    The usual excellent customer service has definitely resumed. I ordered some kit on Sunday night, and it's just arrived.
  19. LadyMud

    Risk of flooding?

    Book ordered on Friday night, arrived Monday morning. Excellent customer service from Moore Books, and looks to be a very useful guidebook. Thanks for the recommendation, Pete!