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  1. ILoveCaves

    CUCC Austria Expedition 2022 blog

    The Beginning (Post 1 of 2) -“I'm going on an adventure!” After spending the better half of 2 months in north Africa on research, I was VERY MUCH not in any 'cave-fit shape', however, the idea of doing two underground camps some 500 meters down somehow seemed like a good idea at the time...
  2. ILoveCaves

    Lift to France 🇫🇷 Union Internationale de Spéléologie - UIS!

    Before I go ahead and book some none eco friendly flights… I was wondering if anyone has a spare space going to UIS in a few weeks time? Can offer caver talk, the occasional not funny joke, and a in-depth knowledge on dinosaurs. Won’t need a lift back as am heading of to an expo. Will of...
  3. ILoveCaves

    Rude Nora 3 Dive, Anyone selling?

    Just was wondering if anyone on here is willing to part ways with their Rude Nora 3 Dive? Can offer $ and Pints; Especially if you're coming to UIS...
  4. ILoveCaves

    LIDAR Cave Scanning

    Hey all! So whilst I've been working on the data sent in by quite a few of you for RoMine, I have continued to look into and utilise LIDAR, alongside photogrammetry, Here is a very early piece of my work from Jigsaw Passage (ogof daren cilau). Long story short, the data produced can create...
  5. ILoveCaves

    AV?s Oversuits Quality Control

    Anyone else having any issue with the AV titan? Feel like the quality of them has decreased over the years?  :dig:
  6. ILoveCaves

    Nigerian Cave Material

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on useful reading material around caves/expeditions in Nigeria?
  7. ILoveCaves

    North Face Supporting Cave Destruction

    Looks like The North Face are now supporting active damage to caves and Speleothems. The further issue is I've already seen a comment around saying "Let's try this in the Dales"...... :furious: https://www.facebook.com/.../a.95211196.../1639754326210248/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CON68gAB1cy/
  8. ILoveCaves

    University College of London Speleo. Soc. (UCLSS) What happened?

    As an archaeologist, we like to push dates back... So after doing a bit of work to push back the age of DUSA (Formerly 1963, but now actually 1958!) I came across a University College of London Speleo. Soc. (UCLSS). Does anyone have any information/journals on the old UCL club and what happened?
  9. ILoveCaves

    RoMine - Roman Mining Database

    Lockdown has meant I finally have started working on the Beta version of RoMine, an interactive database showing Roman Mining activity across the UK! Only in Beta, feedback much welcome!  :coffee: Link to Database - https://www.valaheritage.org/romine/
  10. ILoveCaves


    Recently visited the doctors, only to be diagnosed with Speleorrehea, of the penis. I can only attribute this to bad water in the East Canals of Giant's Hole. I would suggest all visiting cavers to avoid submerging their navel area when visiting the system. On a side note: would the BCRA be...
  11. ILoveCaves

    DUSA Annual Dinner Meet

    Calling All Ex DUSA Members You are once again invited to the fun-filled weekend that is Dinner Meet! Our annual Dinner Meet will take place on the weekend of the 1st to 3rd of March. This event is open to all Ex-members and will see a mix of Old and Current cavers. If you are interested...