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  1. nickdegarepitt

    Craig a'Ffynnon access

    Really Stuart was there need for such a reply, I agree the OCAF lock can be a pain to lock when heading out especially when it is freezing outside, my hands freeze as I have to take my gloves off to lock the gate, just a minor inconvenience but when it happens the air turns blue like my fingers!
  2. nickdegarepitt

    Craig a'Ffynnon access

    Looks great 👍
  3. nickdegarepitt

    Craig a'Ffynnon access

    Very disappointing that this happened, all these idiots needed to do was contact a local club and we would happily sort a trip out into other caves to gain experience and then take them into OCAF I agree with mudman’s comment, they may have an unofficial key for the old lock and obviously came...
  4. nickdegarepitt

    Clinton Small

    Clinton Small - 28th October 1958 to 12th May 2022 Founding member of Isca Caving Club, Clinton was also training officer for Gwent Cave Rescue Team and most recently a member Brynmawr Caving Club. Funeral will take place at Shrewsbury Crematorium Thursday 9th June at 2:45, a memorial night...
  5. nickdegarepitt

    Crossing conservation tape (split from Update on Twll Du)

    Sorry forgot to add these pics which Were sent to me when I submitted my freedom of information request, even picture evidence isn?t enough for NRW to act. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk