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    Fairy Holes, Weardale

    Does anybody happen to know how this hole responds to rain? I've read a Yorkshire Rambler's Club trip report from the 1950's which recommends that you don't visit after heavy rain or when the ground is saturated etc but doesn't go so far as to say that the cave is actually impassable, certainly...
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    Electron Ladders and Safety

    Wouldn't disagree with you in the slightest on that point however to split hairs... I was told, perhaps erroneously, that electrons shouldn't be viewed as being safety critical/PPE/whatever and that they should be expected to fail hence the need for competent life-lining. I bought a set of eBay...
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    Replacing Zips

    Does anybody have experience of replacing zips on oversuits? Is such a task practical (particularly for somebody who finds sewing on a mere shirt button a Sisyphean task)? The zip on my Daleswear suit has well & truly knacked and I'm loath to shell out best part of a hundred pounds on a new...