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    'Descent 290 is published this week and features eight extra pages. I'm not quite sure why I decided to give myself such additional work so early in my editorship, but my loss is your gain'.

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    Ario Caves Project

    I believe it is the place you are describing, the prietties are where the light comes from at the top of the opposite side of Paulina, really pretty indeed. The little black hole leads towards them. Unfortunately didn't take any pictures of the nice parts as I went there first without the camera...
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    Ario Caves Project

    PART2 During the next few days following the Muxa trip, the forecast was deteriorating. It has been decided to visit a weather safe option 27/9. Light rain was forecasted for 6pm and the four of us, Mark Sims, Sandy Wright, Paulina and I, set off for the day. Plan was to re-rigg, survey...
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    Ario Caves Project

    I'm going to add my two-penny worth of write-up to the existing reports and photo blogs report. PART1 - Muxa We arrived at the Ario Refugio after long 21hrs drive and 3 hrs walk, so naturally as we should, next day we went to the deepest cave we ever been to. The plan was to abseil to the...