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  1. shanks

    Chelsea SS Website

    I'm pleased to report that after pursuing the Nominet domain dispute process we finally got chelseaspelaeo.org.uk back from the clutches of the evil/mad/artificial person or persons who were running the fake impostor website, and now it redirects to our genuine website at chelseaspelaeo.org. The...
  2. shanks

    W. Stanton's Map of Mendip Depressions

    Willie Stanton's famous map on which he recorded hundreds of Mendip karst depression features (many now lost to farming or development) has been made available by the MCRA for viewing as a Google Earth overlay: Big thanks to Tom Harrison for the painstaking work of digitising and...
  3. shanks

    Wessex CC log books added to MCRA site

    Relive the day to day trials, triumphs, tiffs, tensions and tomfoolery of caving times past in the Wessex Cave Club caving log books recently uploaded to the MCRA website at http://www.mcra.org.uk/logbooks/?dir=Wessex%20Cave%20Club. Covering fifty years of caving from 1946 to 1996, scanned page...
  4. shanks

    New Mendip Cave Registry Google Earth browser

    Proudly announcing a brand new way to view and explore the complete Mendip Cave Registry database. Fly over Mendip in 3D and visit almost 2000 sites of spelaeological interest, including photos where available. To get started follow this link to download and open the KML file. Note: You will...
  5. shanks

    MCRA - Mendip Cave Surveys Online

    A selection of Mendip cave survey scans is now freely available from the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive website at the following address. http://www.mcra.org.uk/wiki/doku.php?id=surveys These surveys were previously available through the Mendip Cave Survey Scheme, which has now been wound...
  6. shanks

    ACG logbooks now online

    For those of you who interested in delving into an informal record of the various exploits of the Axbridge Caving Group over the years, a complete (up to 2005) set of scanned log books is now available for viewing at the MCRA website. See http://www.mcra.org.uk/logbooks. Thanks/blame goes Alan...
  7. shanks

    Tony Jarratt's Log Books

    An update, and also in case you Mendip folk missed the post on the general board, to let you know that the complete photographic record of JRat's log books (2870 pages across 15 volumes from 1964 to 2008) is now available online for public viewing at the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive website...
  8. shanks

    JRat's logbooks available online

    Hi All, Before Tony Jarratt left us he kindly gave the MCRA permission to photograph and make freely available the contents of all 15 volumes of his personal caving log books, dating from 1964 to 2008 and detailing in meticulous detail all of the caving and digging trips he has been involved...
  9. shanks

    Announcement: New MCRA Online Registry Website

    Fellow cavers, I am pleased to announce the public unveiling of a new website providing a searchable version of the entire Mendip Cave Registry database of Sites of Spelaeological Interest, available at the following location: http://www.mcra.org.uk/registry The online database contains...