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    Goodies and batteries found ,F-ing Hopeless

    Found a tupperwear tub with some rechargable batteries and the remains of chocolate bars in Fing hopeless pot . Let me know if there yours and I will return. You will probably only want the batteries HP
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    Gaping Gill to Clapham Bottoms pot

    Afternoon all. Hope you are all holding up well in these different times. Just need to verify something. Is it possible to do a thorough trip from GG and out of Clapham bottoms ?  Or any other way from GG  and out the bottom without diving? Myself and a friend have been learning the system over...
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    Buckden Gavel mine clean up

    The other day myself and friend visited Buckden Gavel mine :o ( yes I know its a mine and not a cave but I am not on Adit now) very interesting mine and worth a good look around when it is to wet to go down a cave. We found numerous bits of rubbish, glow sticks, old gloves, bottles etc that we...
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    Darren drums . New or previous use?

    I once got told that Darren drums used to be used for transporting pig sperm before being then sold on to the caving community? Was this just a pub / club hut story or tru? Thanks
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    Pikedaw calamine caverns minor rockfall

    As most caves were underwater this evening we made the trip back to pikedaw calamine caverns. On the large boulder slope  after the great shake ( going up to near the 8ft pitch)  we noticed a rock that has recently fallen out of the wall / boulder choke. It was about car engine size and signs...
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    Dowkabottom cave duck

    Hello . Does anyone know the current situation of the duck in dowkabottom.  I've known it can drop to very low through to being sumped . Any one been recently? Thanks HP
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    Fire Fly 3 flash slave FOR SALE

    Hi cavers FOR SALE: Fire fly 3 flash slave with hot shoe. works fine. never been wet ( has been kept in a peli case) ?30 . postage extra at buyers cost or can meet in the dales/ skipton area happy to answer questions. Thanks
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    Attamire Cave

    Hi Cavers! Just a quick message to let you know the duck in Attamire cave seems to have completely dried up! This makes it a much more pleasant trip and less time sucking on the syphon pipes . Does it dry up often? I have been a few times and its always full. on a side note- the dig at the far...
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    Monday 9th November flooding

    Did you know its been raining? I know its not long past but does anyone know the effects of Mondays flooding has had on the dales caves? With the amount of water around i am sure something will have happened? Collapsed digs? New passages opened? New blockages? Dangerous debris? Just asking...
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    Hi I have about 15 flat sided barrels to give away. They have been used to hold washing machine liquid so they smell great. They have a handle on the top and with one side cut off they make a great drag bucket. I can drop them off anywhere in the dales or you can collect from me. Hope they can...
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    Yordas top entrance log

    Just wondering who owns the gyll and land around yordas. After a trip there on Monday we noticed the tree/log that spans the top entrance to be very rotten and loose. I personally think it needs to be removed. There are bolts for rigging but if some one was to rig from the log it I recon it...
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    I have lost a red size 8 wet suit sock in kingsdale on Monday the 8th sep. probably near the layby for going to yordas. If you find it please drop me a text or PM 07894846742 Thank
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    caving with epilepsy

    Hi all I have a caving friend who has just been diagnosed with epilepsy, she has blank outs and is not able to do anything for a couple of minuets. Ime after some advise for her on how she should continue caving including SRT. Has any one been caving with a epileptic? Anyone on here have the...
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    renting equipment

    Does anybody know if Bernies or Inglesport or anywhere else rent out over and under suits? Thanks
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    Crook Gill, Cray

    Does anybody know anything about Crook gill nr Cray (upper Wharfdale ). I know its not a cave but still limestone with vertical drops. I noticed some old bolts and krabs at the top of one of the waterfalls. Any body know anything about these bolts, are there bolts on every waterfall? I recon...
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    Safety barrel

    After a discussion in the staff room i hope people on here can answer a question. Do people carry a small darren drum ? What do people put in it? batteries, bivi bags, food, elite first aid kit. I would appreciate reply's from anyone, diggers, surveyors, club members cave leaders. Thanks
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    Gritstone caves , west yorkshire

    Hi Does anybody know if there are surveys for the grit stone caves that are in  Cottingley woods near Bingley (west yorkshire). The two caves are in the park rocks area of cottingley woods. I know of Pan holes that is across the valley. I any one has any information on the caves it would be...