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    'Descent 290 is published this week and features eight extra pages. I'm not quite sure why I decided to give myself such additional work so early in my editorship, but my loss is your gain'.

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  1. Russell Myers

    hidden Earth 2022 - is there going to be one?

    There is a willingness to hold HE but the problem is finding a venue. The previous venue is being coy at committing due to Covid, Les told me they need a site with 500, 300 and 100 capacity areas for the various activities.
  2. Russell Myers

    Fred Davies - Quintessential Mendip Caver and more.

    Sad to have to post that Fred passed away last Saturday 20th June aged 87. I did some memorable caving with him both on the Mendips and in the North; notably a trip down Top Sinks on a falling flood to Lancaster Hole sump and back out the same way on a rising flood to emerge in Easegill flooded...