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  1. Mike Butch

    Outdoor First Aid Course - Availability

    Short notice but would anyone fancy joining an outdoor first aid course with ULSA at the YSS this weekend? After a couple of people have dropped out we have two spaces left. The course is ran by Sean Whittle (Dales Training). Cost will be about ?67 for the course + ?12 for an optional First Aid...
  2. Mike Butch

    Leeds/Yorkshire to Priddy

    Anyone going from Leeds or the wider Yorkshire area to Priddy some point soon? Need to return some keys I accidentally took north.
  3. Mike Butch

    Priddy to CHECC (Peaks)

    Is anyone who's going to CHECC passing Priddy at any-point beforehand? Got a couple of things wanting caver post. Will reward with beer  :beer2:
  4. Mike Butch

    Caving post - Mendip to Yorkshire

    Would anyone happen to be going from Mendip to the Yorkshire area before next Saturday (2nd September)? Have some diving gear (1 cylinder, harness and regs) in Priddy I would like transported north in time for the weekend. Will pay generously with beer :beer2: Many thanks, Mike
  5. Mike Butch

    7th-8th April, Student Cave Science Weekend, Peak District!

    If your interest in caves stretches into the unknown, then don't miss out on the very first joint BCRA-CHECC workshop weekend taking place in just over a months time. With world leading experts (and fellow cavers) passing on their knowledge, for anyone interested in cave science this is not a...
  6. Mike Butch

    Total length of cave passage in the UK?

    Assessing the total amount of cave in a country is a bit tricky, but does anyone know the total length of surveyed cave passage in the UK? Or could direct me to a source of such information? Thanks, Mike
  7. Mike Butch

    New BCRA Facebook Group

    To all interested in cave science, there's a brand new BCRA facebook group for you to join. There you can keep up to date with all the exciting new developments in the world of cave science, share your own research, and ask those burning questions about the world beneath you feet.  The BCRA...
  8. Mike Butch

    Lost: Camera in Birkwith Cave

    If anyone see a blue Sony Cybershot DSC-WX150 in Birkwith please get in touch as one of the Leeds freshers managed to loose it on Saturday. In a separate incident he also lost the battery for said camera in amongst the boulders near the entrance just before the climb up (we searched but couldn't...
  9. Mike Butch

    Birkwith clusterf*** tomorrow (Sat 4th October)

    Just a heads up, tomorrow ULSA will be descending on Birkwith. There'll be 50 of us in total, so it might be a little cosy down there. Don't want to put anyone off going, just thought i'd give some warning. That said, the plan may change at the last minute as the weathers being temperamental.
  10. Mike Butch

    Left handed chest ascenders?

    Anyone know of any left handed chest ascenders? I'm getting frustrated with how the right handed Petzl Crolls slip when used with a left foot Pantin [explained in the 'Petzl pantin' thread], and would prefer to change my chest jammer than my Pantin. I've contacted Petzl (through Lyon) and they...
  11. Mike Butch

    ULSA cavers past and present

    To all ULSA cavers past and present, The club's having it's annual dinner meet this year at The Hopper Lane Hotel in Blubberhouses on the 9th of March. It'd be great to see as many ULSA cavers as possible, regardless of your era. If you're interested send me a message and i'll send you more...
  12. Mike Butch

    Caving in Clare 28th March - 2nd April, info on student caving forum?

    Hi All, I'm planning a trip with ULSA to County Clare at Easter, and i hear there might be a student caving forum going on about this time. If so, could someone send me or direct me to some information about it e.g. what are the dates, where exactly is it, will there be caving trips going on...
  13. Mike Butch

    Digger in need of Dig

    Hi All, As my normal dig (Gibbets Brow) has turned into a water world, i find myself at a loss, so if anyone has a dig they want a hand with let me know. I'm about Mendip for the next 2 weeks before i go off on exped, free to dig any day, anytime. Cheers, Mike 
  14. Mike Butch

    Caving in Assynt Saturday 16th?

    Hi all, is anyone going to be caving in Assynt next Saturday and wouldn't mind if i tagged along? I'm going to be staying up at the Assynt Field Centre in Inchnadamph as part of a 2 week geological field trip with my uni, and get next Saturday off, so thought it would be a waste not to go...
  15. Mike Butch

    Lost pen-knife in Sand Cavern (G.G.)

    If anyones going into sand cavern G.G. could you keep your eyes out for a pen-knife thought to be lost there on 30th May, and if you don't mind cave matured chocolate there might also be a couple of mars bars nearby. I'd very much appreciate getting it back, it was the last J Rat pen-knife sold...