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    What squeezes/tight bits of passage do people use as reference points in British caves?

    Psychologically I would list the middle squeeze at the bend in CRO crawl, P5. Made famous by a certain Colin Bothroyd in 1986. Particularly challenging with any water flowing as it backs up and necessitates a deep breath when changing head direction as you swap arms over as you progress. It has...
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    Three dives in Tresviso (Picos de Europa)

    Superb video footage. So impressive. Well done Chris.
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    Three dives in Tresviso (Picos de Europa)

    Superb effort Chris and Rob. Such a shame about the Sara sump. The approach streamway is impressive compared with Dossers et al and gave hope for more discoveries. Would have loved to gave been able to come and relive the 'joys' of the 87 expedition. Tim
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    Carabiner found in Wet Sink

    Hi Jack. Looks like the one. Let me know how I can get it to you. Tim. PS Not certain how to PM on this forum!
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    Carabiner found in Wet Sink

    A carabiner has been found on the first P hanger of the first pitch (Balcony) of Wet Sink, FoD. Must have been left between 29th August and 7th Sept. It has a clear marking. Let me know details so I can return to owner.
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    Dry Sink sewage

    Following up on this I visited Wet Sink for an evening trip on 16th February 2022. There has been rain but not excessive. Water was discharging out of the CSO into Dry Sink and when we entered at 4.30pm my colleague noticed a smell but the water was clear at Cross Stream Junction. On our return...