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    'Descent 290 is published this week and features eight extra pages. I'm not quite sure why I decided to give myself such additional work so early in my editorship, but my loss is your gain'.

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    How to offload dive gear

    Worth putting it on the 'for sale' forum on here - lots of cavers are also divers.
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    Descent 289 is out now

    "I think we're going to need our wellies!" It would be a good photo for a caption competition.
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    December Digging Video. The Usual Farce.

    It's like an underground mendipshire version of 'Last of the Summer Wine'. :)
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    Hello from Descent

    ...and a font size we can read without a magnifying glass as well please. :)
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    Caving Hacks, or things you learn with age?

    Try wearing two thin pairs of wetsocks inside wellies instead of one thick pair. Toasty feet. Also, thin surfing wetsocks off the internet are far cheaper than 'branded caving' wetsocks. :)
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    A "Classic Rock" of UK Caves?

    The Dan yr Ogof round trip would have to be in that list somewhere. (I have a feeling a well-known caving author based near Abergavenny is currently working on producing a book of the type you describe :) )
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    Craig a'Ffynnon access

    Had a trip to HoTMK today and I don't care if similar locks have been used for OFD, Draenen or even Lechiquillia itself, the one on the CaF gate is a pain in the rs... The problem isn't so much with the lock as the design of the gate itself; in 2022 can we really not do something better than...
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    Has paper won?

    Trouble is someone from HBO will be along shortly... They'll chuck in a few dragons and naked women and film it as an epic series in HD ('Rungs of Power'?)... And then we'll be back to digital again. :(
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    Aquanaut ? a life beneath the surface (Rick Stanton)

    Do any of those references give a clear definition of what a 'cockwomble' is?
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    Cardiff in South Wales to Chedderon Mendip?

    Hi, would anyone be able to take three items (cumulatively about the size and weight of a 10 liter diving cylinder) from Cardiff to Chedder on Mendip please?  Could probably make the starting point SWCC if that would help. Thanks, Malcolm
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    Yesterday our party entered Pendulum Passage up the climb from the streamway, between the nave and top waterfall.  From here we followed Pendulum Passage 'downstream' towards the well known helictites.  An easy section of passage is followed by an upwards climb of 6m (marked c6 on the survey) up...
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    Caver post Sheffield to Cardiff? (or to SWCC or Godre Pentre or to Abergavenny)

    Hi, Would anyone be able to move a flat but delicate item (framed painting, longest dimension 2') from Sheffield to South Wales?  It's not urgent but if you can help please PM me. (I will put a message on this thread when transport has been sorted.) Thanks, L
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    Anyone noticed a dinosaur roaming the Swansea valley?

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    OFD 3 rigging.

    Does anyone know anything about the anchors that give (psychological) protection on the OFD 3 traverses?  I know all the unofficial fixed aids (traverse ropes, ladder, etc) were removed from the route to OFD 3 some months ago; if we go in we'll need to rig our own.  Beyond the anchors for the...
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    Hidden Earth 2018

    Simple question; is it going to happen?  If so, when and where?
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    Heads of the Valleys road closure, w/e 5th - 7th Jan 2018

    FYI, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-42563741 This isn't the normal Clydach Gorge section which is closed, but the next section upwards from the Brynmawr roundabout... potentially more disruptive for travelling cavers. L
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    Unfortunate dog...

    A sad outcome but a good effort from SMWCRT http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-41997892
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    Does this include Otter Hole..?

    https://www.onthemarket.com/details/4087980/ If so, does anyone have a spare ?600K lying around?
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    personal reg plate

    If you get no takers I'll give you ?10 for it. C4 VNG is also owned by a caver, any others? Moved other posts to separate thread. Please only reply with questions or offers related to a sale, it can be annoying to the original poster to have their advert buried in non-sale related posts.
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    Lesser Garth - something you've lost?

    Hi, has anyone lost anything in Lesser Garth Cave near Cardiff during the last few weeks? If so please pm me and I may be able to return it to you. Ta, L