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    Wessex CC site not working for hut booking

    Sorry - we are investigating the problem. PM sent with contact details for making a hut booking..
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    Daren Cilau - Through Trip - Daren to Cnwc

    Great trip. :)
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    Olympus TG4 repair

    I used the Olympus repair service, found I under My Olympus. For my TG5 they charged a flat rate of £145.00, regard less of the repair required and will also sort out any additional problems if they find them. They provide the postage labels to send your camera to Portugal for servicing and then...
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    Should The Moderators Edit Forum Image Uploads ?

    I would hope that UKC would set a high standard of good practice. I believe that most, if not all cavers have conservation issues at heart and acknowledge that it is our responsibility to preserve these beautiful environments in as pristine condition as possible for future generations. A couple...
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    Jane McCorquodale - MNRC

    Extremely sad news.
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    Pictorial History of Swildon's Hole - Covers

    The blue copies are leather bound and were more expensive at the time.
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    Historical Caving Attire

    Where are you based?
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    Free ladders

    The Wessex reuse rungs to make new ladders.
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    Free ladders

    Could the rungs be reused?
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    Thirteen Lives

    There might be a cost for hiring the village hall? (Priddy village hall has hire charges).
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    Dales to Mendip; rain gauge

    If someone can get it to Priddy, I can get it to Rob.
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    Derbyshire to Mendip

    I would be extremely grateful if someone can help please. It is an item for me and the digging team. :dig:
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    Mendip Wezzit?

    Brimble Pit.
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    New Caving Exhibition - The Netherworld of Mendip

    A new permanent exhibition, The Netherworld of Mendip has opened at the Wells & Mendip Museum.  Cavers have been involved throughout the project, funding was obtained by Martin Grass and the layout is the expertise of Mark Lumley. The exhibition is spread over three rooms and in the first, a...
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    J Rat's Digging Award Evening 2012

    J Rat Digging Award Evening - Saturday 17th November at the Hunter?s This evening is a celebration of Mendip and Scottish digging in memory of Tony Jarratt. Please bring along any information regarding digging over the past year including photographs, surveys and write-ups. The long room will...
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    5Oth Anniversary of the Short Round Trip

    If you are intending to visit Swildon?s Hole this coming Saturday please note that the cave might be quite busy as 4th August 2012 is the 50th Anniversary of the Short Round Trip. The event will start with a commemorative photo on Priddy Green at 11.00am, followed by a celebratory trip. The...
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    JRat's Digging Award Evening 2010

    A reminder to bring photos and surveys please for display at the JRat Digging Award Evening, this Saturday (20th November) at the Hunter's. The long room will be open for putting up display material from 7pm.  :beer2: 8pm - Charterhouse 2009 & 2010 presentation and demonstration of the 3d...
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    Torch found in Swildon's Hole

    If anyone lost a torch in Swildon's Hole last weekend 2 - 4 May (probably on the Saturday or Sunday) please send me a PM.
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    Mendip Cave Rescue Workshop

    Mendip Cave Rescue (formerly Mendip Rescue Organization ? MRO) is holding a cave rescue workshop on Saturday 17 May. All interested parties welcome for surface activities. Underground exercise in GB for cavers (bring appropriate personal equipment). Meet at the Charterhouse Centre car park at...