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  1. Pie Muncher

    Tickets for Northern Explorers forum 2023 go on sale on 10th March

    On the Venue tab First Lecture: 9am yet on the Ticket tab Presentations start 10am. Which is it?
  2. Pie Muncher

    Ireby Fell, over Shadow route

    All blind at the top. Two through bolts at the top possibly another a bit further down from the top. Originally swung into from Bubbles so had higher belay. All quite old now.
  3. Pie Muncher

    Notts III rope

    I've never know it to.
  4. Pie Muncher

    Notts III rope

    It should be, however after severe flooding(Storm Denis I think) the rope was carried up the pitch so you couldn't reach it. I think it was re-bolt climbed to free it and drop it down. Could always happen again.
  5. Pie Muncher

    Beginner Caves in Yorkshire Dales, please.

    Dow Cave Langstroth Cave
  6. Pie Muncher

    Scanty Lardos - why?

    Anne Summers - simply cos whilst the team were enlarging the squeeze the conversation was about a birthday present purchased for one of their girlfriend's at the time from said retail outlet. An undergarment with a bit missing, usually an integral part of such an item.
  7. Pie Muncher

    Slacklining - for beginners

    Hi, Does anyone have experience of starting to slackline. Setting up a basic rig in the garden or similar. Any recommendations for where to buy a starter kit,  or is there a better way of starting out? Don't live anywhere convenient to join local groups :( Thanks
  8. Pie Muncher

    Found on Leck Fell - Digital Camera Battery

    Found Mon 10/06/19 on path from Lost John's car park to Short Drop. If it's yours, please identify and it can be left at Inglesport for collection.
  9. Pie Muncher

    Longest UK dig?

    Anyone have any idea which are the longest digs from around the UK. I'm thinking meterage not years spent gigging ;) although even that information would be interesting to know I guess. Cheers.
  10. Pie Muncher

    Survex extended elevation

    Is it possable to produce an extended elevation in survex and if so how do you do it? Thank you.
  11. Pie Muncher

    Survex fix statement for foreign GPS locations

    Is there a "best" GPS units convention to use when collecting foreign data and how is that used in the survex *fix statements? :wall: A simple English explanation would be appreciated rather than technobabble, I'm only a luddite ;)
  12. Pie Muncher

    Left behind at Notts II parking spot.

    This last Monday, 20th Feb, tatty blue & red tackle bag and contents possibly left behind at the parking spot for Notts II. I say possibly as it it ain't at home or in the car. Please drop off in Inglesport if you have picked it up or leave a message there if you know where it may be. Senior...