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  1. ChrisJC


    Correct! Over to you. Chris.
  2. ChrisJC


  3. ChrisJC


    No. Good guess though. Chris.
  4. ChrisJC


  5. ChrisJC


    Never been myself. Let me see if I can find a photo... Chris.
  6. ChrisJC


    Aygill Caverns? Chris.
  7. ChrisJC

    Rampgill Norpex Door

    Preserving access to the drainage level in an unnamed mine in an unnamed location! Chris.
  8. ChrisJC


    Porth yr ogof. Chris
  9. ChrisJC

    More cave for Jenga Pot

    The survey is a work of epic proportions, let alone the exploration! Well done to all those involved. Chris.
  10. ChrisJC

    Some developments in automated exploration

    I suspect they've solved the communication issue, rather than the issue of making a caving robot. Chris.
  11. ChrisJC

    Ladder of Death!

    Nice! It wasn't clear if any random tourist could have a go though. Chris
  12. ChrisJC

    Using a smart phone as a slide scanner

    Two comments: 1. You might be able to make a convenient backlight with something like this: https://thepihut.com/products/white-led-backlight-module-medium-23mm-x-75mm 2. The image looks as if the 'phone has done a fair bit of 'digital helping'. A sort of smudge effect. I've seen it before on...
  13. ChrisJC

    Cleaning Muddy Caving Gear

    Mrs. C. made me get rid of the cement mixer! Into the washing machine they go. Chris.
  14. ChrisJC

    Thames Water and Severn Trent Water use dowsing to detect leaks

    What, complete bollocks? Chris.
  15. ChrisJC

    Gwynedd CPC Newsletters on archive.org

    Nice one Robin - downloaded for future reference! Chris.
  16. ChrisJC

    Bric4 Survey Tool

    The cost includes quite a few hundred hours at £50 (or more) per hour for a skilled engineer to create the product in the first place. This has to be amortised across the low number of units that will get sold. The manufacturing cost is a small portion of the sale price! Chris.
  17. ChrisJC

    which carabiners for anchors

    We always use screwgates. I have seen karabiners rotated where people have passed them (e.g. a rebelay) whilst ascending and not noticed. I have found myself ascending on the gate of a karabiner more than once. I've also seen karabiners with the gates pushing against the rock just below the...
  18. ChrisJC

    Very silly pics

    What a fantastic website! Bookmarked. Chris.
  19. ChrisJC

    Log burner losing smoke

    There is an irony in them being so polluting, but being loved by the more eco-conscious members of society. Chris.
  20. ChrisJC

    NAMHO Conference 2023

    Unfortunately the Greenside trip will only run once as the Meet Leader is giving a lecture on the other day. Note that it's not the classic Greenside Through Trip - that is out of bounds these days. My suggestion is to do some networking during the Friday and Saturday social events. For...