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  1. alanw

    Caving Illnesses

    That would be South Terras - blame it on the speel chucker autocorrecting.
  2. alanw

    Oversuits and wellies

    Once a pair of wellies start cracking and leaking, I add self draining holes. I have a hole punch set and with a piece of scrap wood inside the wellie, make two holes one both sides. I then use them when I expect to be doing a lot of walking in water that would come over the tops. Repair...
  3. alanw

    Wanted Computer Program help

    P.S. apologies for the above copy/paste error, the line should be sqlite> SELECT time, A * 10, B, C, D FROM BPC WHERE time > 1.0 AND time < 1.00002;
  4. alanw

    Wanted Computer Program help

    I'm afraid I can't help with VBA/Excel, but it might be really easy using SQLite. If you don't want to try installing it under Windows, if you give me the selection parameters and scaling factor I can do it for you. $ sqlite3 13_BPC_46.sqlite SQLite version 3.40.1 2022-12-28 14:03:47 Enter...
  5. alanw

    Repairing oversuit?

    Has anyone tried ShoeGoo as an alternative to Aquasure? I've got a tube, and after my kneepads suffered badly on the crawl in Voldemort recently, I repaired them with Kevlar thread and then coated the seams with ShoeGoo. My next trips are Lost Johns' and Sunset, so not much crawling to test them...
  6. alanw

    Tickets for Northern Explorers forum 2023 go on sale on 10th March

    I'm assuming that you don't need one, going from this at The ticket site Your name (ticket buyers) is recorded and the number of tickets you have purchased and those are who will be allowed in, we have no on the door sales.
  7. alanw

    Interesting challenge for someone wanting a house in the Dales ...

    Still not sold, even after being reduced from £300k to £250k, so they are trying to drum up some publicity https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-64951201
  8. alanw

    Caving Snacks

    Someone's already mentioned Kendal Mintcake.
  9. alanw

    Very silly pics

    See the "Legal Oddities" pdf I poster earlier. https://www.lawcom.gov.uk/app/uploads/2015/03/Legal_Oddities.pdf
  10. alanw

    Stal contains evidence of abrupt warming events

  11. alanw

    Very silly pics

  12. alanw

    Earthquakes website down?

    It's no problem, I've plenty of time on my hands and I'm actually interested in this sort of thing. Coffee is now consumed, and here's the answer: https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc2818#page-5 Names may contain the wildcard character * which is considered to match any single domain name...
  13. alanw

    Earthquakes website down?

    They have a problem with their TLS certificate. The http:// site works: http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/earthquakes/recent_uk_events.html But if you have visited the site previously, HTTP Strict Transport Security could prevent you from accessing it, with a message about security. This...
  14. alanw

    First time in Great Douk Cave

    https://cncc.org.uk/training/ (but not yet on training/new-to-caving)
  15. alanw

    How to retrieve SRT kit?

    In this morning's CNCC newsletter, they announced a load of new dates for training workshops. https://cncc.org.uk/training/ Including a "Pull Through" Caving skills workshop on the 23 Jul 2023 https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=111
  16. alanw

    How to retrieve SRT kit?

    That depends. For Lancaster Hole, there are re-belays, so for a Lancaster to County trip you'd need to return and de-rig the rope. They are near the top though, so no need to do the big pitch. For e.g. Heron or Simpson's you'd use a doubled rope with a knot and a karabiner to stop it pulling...
  17. alanw

    Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football games

    Similarly, in Workington (a historical mining area): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uppies_and_Downies. Played over three nights every Easter. https://www.timesandstar.co.uk/news/17014720.uppies-clinch-second-win-hard-fought-tuesday-match-workington/
  18. alanw

    Pc non-pc cave names

    Is there anyone here who doesn't immediately think of Life of Brian?
  19. alanw

    Not Guilty!

    A long time (late 80's) ago I worked with someone who had done some research for Calder Hall/Windscale/Sellafield on the currents in the Solway Firth. This involved a hired fishing boat, white coveralls and vast quantities of fluorescein. Imagine the hilarity in Whitehaven harbour when the boat...
  20. alanw

    which carabiners for anchors

    Many years ago I was present, IIRC at the BMC premises in South Manchester, when Neville McMillan demonstrated how little force is required on a misaligned figure-of-eight to break the gate-locking sleeve and open the karabiner. I'd be interested to know whether a similar misalignment can happen...