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  1. Badlad

    Nominations deadline for the AGM closing midnight Sunday 19th March

    I'm sure CNCC wouldn't expect to give BCA any credit for the work they do regarding promoting caving and communicating with northern cavers. The previous CNCC secretary and webmaster both gave up their time to volunteer with BCA. They were doing a brilliant job but were hounded out by a couple...
  2. Badlad

    Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

    I think that is the difference between 'attaching files' and 'inserting files'. Try the same image using the insert button on the top line of the post, between the links and the smiley symbols.
  3. Badlad

    Nominations deadline for the AGM closing midnight Sunday 19th March

    I'm fairly sure the newsletter editor resigned several years ago. It must be one of the vacant positions still. If there is no one doing P&I and no one doing a newsletter then who is communicating with the paying members? :(
  4. Badlad

    Nominations deadline for the AGM closing midnight Sunday 19th March

    When I stood down as CNCC rep to BCA there were working groups looking at both 'vision' and 'constitutional change'. Did anything happen with either?
  5. Badlad

    Which? magazine

    More info required please
  6. Badlad

    Caving Illnesses

    On a more positive note regular caving improves physical fitness and wellbeing. That helps avoid many ailments and problems. A friend of mine used to suffer badly from hayfever in the summer and loved getting underground for some relief. On balance I think you'll be more healthy from gong...
  7. Badlad

    Nominations deadline for the AGM closing midnight Sunday 19th March

    The membership had a choice when they voted on a new chairman. An elderly gentleman or a dynamic youngster (nearlywhite). The elderly gentleman lobbied hard and won. The consequence appears to be a status of nothingness and an inability to attract volunteers. It was a massive missed...
  8. Badlad

    Oversuits and wellies

    I reckon the 'inside' brigade don't do enough crawling ;)
  9. Badlad

    Caroline Lucas's Bill to extend CROW access - my attempt to lobby her

    The basic premise of the Caroline Lucas bill is to extend public access, both in terms of the land types this can take place in and the type of activities allowed. Pretty much all the arguments made against this have been made a hundred times before. Before the National Parks Act in 1949...
  10. Badlad

    Oversuits and wellies

    I've set up a poll for you. See above
  11. Badlad

    Caroline Lucas's Bill to extend CROW access - my attempt to lobby her

    I went to see my MP, Julian Smith, about this bill back in December. He was very negative about it's chances of progression saying that the government had decided not to support it and therefore it had no chance. Best chance is a new government I reckon
  12. Badlad

    BCRA/BCA Drop Test Results

    Does anyone remember the rope that went up Victoria Aven in Peak Cavern. The bottom section of it lay on the mud bank just by the Mucky Ducks exposed to flood water. The rope had been in there a long time and had originated as a retired DCRO rope. About 20 years old if i remember correctly...
  13. Badlad

    Northern lights

    ah, the famous northern glimmer...:)
  14. Badlad

    Joujar - deep cave in Iran

    Thanks Dave. I have a few contacts in Iran but language was always difficult. Some of the guys who went down Ghar e Dosar with us had explored Joujar too. One of them had a big photo in his house of them trudging waist deep in snow near the entrance and we saw some video taken in the cave but...
  15. Badlad

    Joujar - deep cave in Iran

    I understand Joujar was pushed to below 1000m by an Iranian team. I've done a couple of searches to find an update or even the exact depth with no luck. the info which comes up seems quite old. Anyone find some information? Cheers
  16. Badlad

    Rowter lid

    I'm sure there will be a reason for the catch - maybe just the whim of the installer. Surely if the landowner did indeed insist on a catch then the obvious danger of cavers becoming trapped should be pointed out. A different solution avoiding entrapment should be sorted that satisfies all...
  17. Badlad

    Rowter lid

    How was the trip otherwise?
  18. Badlad

    Digitisation of information contained in old books

    You should contact Sam Allshorn and Paul Swire (Beardy). They are on here.
  19. Badlad

    Pc non-pc cave names

    I am locking the thread, everyone has had a say, and people have had enough. Folk seem to have departed from the caving element of the OP from the start. I had thought of locking it before but although I have not read every post I hadn't seen it turning nasty. There are two far opposing views...
  20. Badlad

    First time in Great Douk Cave

    Follow your instincts on survival pal. Never a good idea going alone at this stage of your caving career. Have a watch of 127 hours.