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    Hypogenic Caves Field Meeting

    The caves booked for this North Pennines field meeting have a fixed number of cavers permitted each day. If you want to be sure of getting a place on your first choice cave - please get your booking in ASAP via the BCRA website. First come First served. The choices are all remarkable caves in...
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    Jackdaw Hole clean up

    CNCC have received a project plan to clean up all the refuse and digging/banging paraphernalia from Jackdaw Hole. Does anyone know who this gear may belong too? If nobody owns up - the CNCC conservation vols will assist the applicant with removal and recycling of said waste. ( I remember Richard...
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    BCRA Field Meeting - North Pennines - 28th - 30th June 2019

    THE HYPOGENIC CAVES OF THE NORTH PENNINES UNESCO GLOBAL GEOPARK. This is a joint field meeting with BCRA and North Pennines UNESCO Global Geopark. Two days of short lectures, walks and cave visits to some of Britain's most unusual caves and distinctive Geology. Open to all. The 1st circular...
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    CNCC meeting 19th Jan 2019

    There is a meeting of CNCC tomorrow 19th Jan, 9.30am , Hellifield Village Hall (Next to Pub car park) Everyone is welcome to come along and see what we are up to. It is a common misconception that we are the experts who know everything regarding caving. The reality is - we are here to learn and...
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    Sid Perou Film Showing

    A reminder that Dave Checkley is introducing a rare showing of Sid's film " Birth of a Yorkshire River" with a short  illustrated talk on Cave Research. Venue- Ingleton Methodist Chapel - 2.00pm tomorrow Sat 25th May. free entry. An ideal opportunity to get out of the mid day sun for an hour...
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    Witches Cave and Shuttleworth Pot- A Cave Conservation Plan.

    After a major effort by many volunteers a cave conservation plan for Witches Cave and Shuttleworth Pot has been produced by CNCC. The Dales region has now doubled the number of conservation plans under its belt. Hopefully there will not be another 18 year interval before the next one. It is...
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    Found in Shuttleworth Pot

    I recovered a neoprene divers hood from the base of the Divers Pitch in Shuttleworth Pot at the start of the open season on Leck Fell. I then promptly forgot about it. If it is yours ,I apologies for the delay, and could you let me know how I can get it back to you from Ingleton. If you suspect...
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    Masongill Lane Flood Damage

    A cloudburst last night has had a dramatic effect on the road approaching Ireby Fell. The Turbery Road has completely washed out and left the lane looking like a river bed. I managed to get up in my pick-up ,but great care is needed with vehicles with less ground clearance. The edge of the road...
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    Red Moss Pot - Open

    The "New " entrance to Red Moss Pot has been re engineered into a stockproof, lidded chamber.It is now open for business. Access permission is from Mr Jim Wood at Scale Farm. Thanks to Jim Davis and CNCC volunteers for undertaking the works and funding from Natural England through the Northern...
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    Red Moss Pot- access

    The" NEW" entrance to Red Moss Pot( Birkwith, N Yorks) has been blocked by the farmer since he found a dead calf trapped in the entrance. CNCC have agreed to replace the boulders with a new shaft and stock proof lid. The work will start shortly.Please keep away from the new entrance untill this...
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    trip reports can be usefull

    The trip reports on Uk caving are facinating if you are still interested in SRT howlers and Bernies breakfast menu. However, if you want to write something of real value to cavers then you may want to consider submitting a cave condition report after a trip to a Dales cave for the Northern Caves...
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    Northern Caves Conservation Project

    The Northern Caves Conservation Monitoring Project is a joint project between CNCC and Natural England ( formerly English Nature ). It's mission is to help conserve our caves by undertaking voluntary monitoring of the condition of Dales Caves by ordinary cavers who are active in the northern...