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    Huge 'sinkhole' emerges in Bexleyheath

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-64067292 Another collapse in Grays today, very close to other Deneholes
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    Huge 'sinkhole' emerges in Bexleyheath

    I can't remember exactly which one, it's on the main route between the 2 shafts afaik, but easily missed if you're not looking out for it. Funny you say that about the gas, I was sure I had a little flare up when testing in one of the chambers which had a load of rotting timbers in the bottom...
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    Huge 'sinkhole' emerges in Bexleyheath

    There's an inscription next to one of the cut-throughs saying it was done in 1884, but whether that's authentic I don't know
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    Where are the young(ish) people hiding?

    A lot of younger people getting into the sport now don't automatically become club cavers, especially if they don't go down the uni route. Many will start out exploring other sites eg abandoned industrial stuff, which then leads to mine exploring &/or caving. Many exploring groups exist on...