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  1. Big Jim

    Thumper Sitch

    Has anyone been down the shaft in Thumper Sitch?  Ive traversed it (well jumped across it actually) years ago, but never been back to drop the shaft.  Owd Git or Zomjom maybe? :-\
  2. Big Jim

    East Buxton Lime Quarry

    Ecology related not caving, but does anyone know which quarry this name would apply to?  I have just a 4 fig gird ref SK1373 which doesn't help much. I'm wondering if it is an old name for either Tunstead or Cowdale Quarry.  Any ideas which of the many quarries would have perhaps been called...
  3. Big Jim

    Milltown Shafts

    Last week Rob Middleton and myself had a look at a few shafts at Milltown nr Ashover. I had known about one (B) for years but only recently stumbled across shaft A in the wood off Back Lane and shaft C just off the footpath behind the miners arms close to where the settling lagoons from the old...
  4. Big Jim

    Glow Worms

    Its coming up to that time of year when female Glow Worms will begin to display. Records for the species are limited and many are quite old, dating back to the 70s-90s.  There are possibly many colonies in the county as yet unrecorded as very few folk go out walking late at night when the...
  5. Big Jim

    Overton Vein - Ashover

    Been talking to a resident at Overton today who told me that someone went down the sleepered shaft in the woods west of overton hall last year. Its the shaft nr the old coffin lane that cuts up towards Gregory Mine (white hillocks) and a few meters away from the old 'ice house'. The chap said...
  6. Big Jim

    Jugholes / Masson warning

    Be warned.....Members of Derbyshire Bat Group have had their car tyres slashed whilst parked up on Salters Lane for (I assume) bat surveys at Jugholes. http://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/news/crime/charity-workers-vehicles-are-damaged-by-vandals-in-matlock-1-6867799
  7. Big Jim


    If anyone knows who landowner is for Jugholes could you PM me details please. I know cavers have open access there but its not for caving purposes. Cheers Jim
  8. Big Jim

    Strange 'appenins in Ash'er

    Heard about this at work this morning. Anyone know anymore on the matter? http://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/news/grassroots/ashover-residents-flee-homes-after-mysterious-hole-appears-in-village-1-6147991
  9. Big Jim

    Cromford Hill Road Closure

    Rumour has it that Cromford Hill was closed on Fri - some hole had opened up and when they stuck a camera down it revealed a large void beneath the road.  Anyone been for a poke yet????
  10. Big Jim

    Goodluck Mine

    If anyone has contact details for Dave Barrie - sec' of the Goodluck Mine Pres Soc, could they PM them to me please. :thumbsup: Cheers J
  11. Big Jim

    Found: Wellie in Stoney Middleton

    Anyone lost a wellie in the parking area for Horseshoe Quarry in Stoney on Weds night?  PM me if you want it back or its in the bin next week. Jim.
  12. Big Jim

    Bat Awareness Sessions 2010/11

    For the third successive year myself and Jess Eades will be running a series of short Bat Awareness training sessions in the Peaks. We will be taking small groups of cavers/mine explorers undergound to look for bats and also discuss basic bat ecology and legislation. We usually hold the...
  13. Big Jim

    Highfields Mine - Manifold Valley

    Anyone been down this place recently or know what the access is like? I have an old survey but its from the 70s but more interested to know if it is still accessible. Cheers J
  14. Big Jim

    Bats in Caves Training Sessions 2009

    Yet again Jess Eades and myself are planning to do more Bat Training sessions for Peak Cavers this winter. Weve already got a lot of interest from various groups. We will probably follow same format as last year - half a day or so to go over basic bat ecology, the law and then poking around...
  15. Big Jim

    Dave Ottewell

    Im trying to contact Dave Ottewell  - has anyone out there got his mobile no?  PM me please if you have. Cheers Big Jim
  16. Big Jim

    Glow Worms

    I know I posted this last year but.... If anyone happens to see any glow worms whilst out n about after dark, please make a note of their location and numbers and let me know please.  I had my first ones this week at a known site and if this warm weather continues more will be coming out. They...
  17. Big Jim

    Showa Thermal Gloves

    Anyone know anywhere in Derbys that I can get said gloves...apart from Eyres at Brough.  They are my fave gloves but can never seem to get to Eyres when they are open. Non of the big DIY places in Chesterfield sell them, nor Twiggs at Matlock.  I cant cave wi-out mi Showaz! :down: J
  18. Big Jim

    Google Broken

    I think the worlds no 1 Internet search engine is broken.  Ive just typed in the words "teachers" and "work-shy lay abouts" and "scared of the snow" and didnt get any hits. Has anyone else had similar problems? :-\
  19. Big Jim

    Bat Training

    At the last DCA Underground Conservation Forum meeting a couple of weeks ago, I agreed (was pressured into) to sort out some basic Bat training for cavers in the Derbyshire/Peak District area. This is a continuation of work that has been going on with members of Derbyshire Bat Conservation...
  20. Big Jim

    Glow Worms

    OK, not strictly speaking a caving topic but.... As a bunch of folk who spend time wandering around Derbyshires limestone dales after nightfall cavers are more likely that most folk to spot glow worms.  If you havent seen them, they look like green LEDs glowing in the grass :alien:.  I'd be...