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    Arthur T Millet

    Arthur played a very important part in the Gwent Cave Rescue Team. As the WBCRT and Gwent drew closer after some big rescues he played a important role. A very forthright guy some found him hard to get on with. I always found him a laugh
  2. J

    Jerry Wooldridge

    That was Jerry all over. Always willing to help. In spite of knowing him since the early seventies I only caved with him in Otter and OFD on photographic trips. I remember spending a good while behind him at the last bend and squeeze coming out of Otter which he had entered head down with a...
  3. J

    Worst Cave Conservation Photographs

    I did not, and do not, make any judgement on digging and securing safe access. I like many others have benefitted from diggers opening passage that had been previously unknown but just thought that to title the thread 'Worst Conservation Photographs' and use that pic as a example was a little -...
  4. J

    Worst Cave Conservation Photographs

    So "discovery" tops all. I was just wondering why sitting on top of a already damaged stal may be seen as worse than completely altering caves in the spirt of exploration. I have done some cave alteration myself in trying to discover new stuff but I know what I did had far more impact on the...
  5. J

    Worst Cave Conservation Photographs

    I wonder why sitting on a already damaged stal boss (in a very clean over suit) is less acceptable than blowing up passages and boulders and filling rifts with scaffold and ladders (a small amount of which I have done myself). Or does "discovery" trump all?
  6. J

    Make Your Own Wetsuit

    One of our group of intrepid explorers spent a week cutting and gluing a Dolphin kit. First trip in P8 he found that using the correct glue would have been better. Bits of his effort were still circulating in the pool at the bottom of the first pitch a couple of weeks later. Those of us who...
  7. J

    Documentary about the big rescue from OFD last November

    George's rescue was the first use of the SLIX spinal splint using head blocks as developed by Hywel and the meds of the BCRC. Our older spinal was designed to be used with a cervical collar - the use which was probably precluded by Georges injuries. The stretcher and modified spinal splint had...
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    Documentary about the big rescue from OFD last November

    I don't have the list of the 230 + rescuers on Tim Flanagan's Sat to Monday rescue from Agen Allwedd in 1980 but several of the names on the credits were also on that rescue.
  9. J

    The Deepest Cave - Cheve - National Geographic

    Watched it a couple of weeks ago on catch up National Geographic Explorer. Just checked and it is still on catch up. Bit surprised to see Jumars in action after all these years.
  10. J

    Chelsea SS Website

    My browser warns of possible phishing on the Dankness Below website.
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    Seasons Greetings

    May I wish you all the best Xmas you can engineer. Lets hope that next year caving huts will once again echo to the sounds of inebriated cavers planning a year of unbridled discovery at home and abroad. Best of luck and stay safe. Jopo
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    Voting Code

    Anyone else not received their BCA voting code? Requested mine 3 times - and no it is not in my spam :( Jopo
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    RIP Mick Day

    It is with great sadness I have to inform you all of the death today, Sept. 13th 2020, of Mick Day. Mick was the last chairman of the NCA and the first chairman of the BCA its current President and a longstanding member of the South Wales Caving Club. He was involved in many discoveries in Dan...
  14. J


    Are the minutes of the NCA available online? Jopo
  15. J


    Following Simon Wilsons suggestion on the current Marble Sink thread a discussion about techniques using the much maligned ladders might be useful entertaining hopefully without any slagging off. I started caving before srt was imported and ladders were all we had. I have used them with and...
  16. J

    Lycopodium Spores

    Can anyone point me to a small supply of Lycopodium spores and nets please. Project planned for S. Wales in August Jopo
  17. J

    New Secretary for CCC.

    I see from the latest Twll Du update that the CCC seems to have a new secretary, Allan Richardson. The website gives no info. Anyone know how this came about? The CCC Latest News section has no info. One trusts it was constitutional. Jopo
  18. J

    Left at SWCC Penwyllt

    Nice Rohan jacket left at Penwyllt. In DO cupboard until claimed. Jopo
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    Access in private or democratic groups.

    Am I alone in being concerned as to why access to certain mines on Welsh FC (now NRW) land is better in private hands http://rakelane.anduin.org.uk/cal/about.html than groups like the CCC. I wonder how these three directors managed to persuade the NRW that they represent UK cavers/mine...
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    Missing from debates

    I have noticed a few contributors who seem to have stopped commenting. I thought it might be because some discussions quickly got circular or repetitive to the point of boring (IMHO) I now understand that some contributors have in fact been banned. Any truth in this and if so could we have a...