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  1. ah147

    Izvor Licanke 2018

    Izvor Licanke is a man-made resurgence used to supply water for a hydro-electric power station in Fuzine, Croatia. The cave was explored originally by Frank Vasseur in 1996 who explored the 40m long first sump, 350m or so of huge dry passage before coming across the final sump. Frank pushed this...
  2. ah147

    Spanset Sponsorship Competition - Spanish Fun

    Hi, (when I started writing this I had no idea how long it would end up being) Every year a small contingent of CDG cavers (2-4) head out to Spain trying to discover new cave passage; 2018 will be no exception. The goals are rather numerous and currently rather spread out. Currently there are 4...
  3. ah147

    CDG gets a new Website and Facebook!

    Hi all, CDG now have a newly designed website at http://www.cavedivinggroup.org.uk/ As well as a facebook page for the fancy! https://www.facebook.com/cdg1946/ Lots of hard work from Mr Steve Robinson (member on this forum) made this happen
  4. ah147

    Small P8 Update

    Just a little update. We've been to P8 sump 10 twice this last weekend and relined sump 9. Laid 30m of line in it at 10m depth heading ESE and its continuing but absolutely miserable. Alastair Gott, Darren Jarvis, Tommy Moore, Rostam Namaghi and Ellen Cooper all helped carry Saturday. Will...
  5. ah147

    I've been down P8 again...also a bit about a knife

    So I've been down P8 again... I'm too lazy to write a report, basically the plan was to rig a rope of the cresta bypass and this will be the final bit of work to allow diving to S9 in flood conditions. I took some pictures. I'm pretty sure these are the only ones at the exist. At the bottom is a...
  6. ah147

    Sunday Sunday Sunday. P8 Jackpot Funday!

    P8 is open beyond the sumps. I'm desperately trying to put together a small team to go and play in there tomorrow or Monday. We're meeting at 10am at the TSG both days. I'll show my gratitude with beer! If you're interested please get in touch either: - On here - phone zero7814six69677 -...
  7. ah147

    Downstream Boreham

    Boreham cave is a very access restricted cave. But it's supposed to be stunning and have great potential. Visits are restricted to 3 per year and to qualified diving members of the CDG. Being recently newly qualified, last Saturday was the first trip I was eligible for, so off I went. We met...
  8. ah147

    Free Sun Papers

    I'm going into loads of shops lately that are telling me to take a free copy of the sun. Have the sun finally realised its not worth paying for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ah147

    Otter's Cave, Melmerby

    Hi, I'm looking for information on the phone line in sump 2 or a possible rescue that I suspect may have took place in 1990 or 1991. Cheers, Ash Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ah147

    P8 31st October

    Hi all, This Saturday we're having another crack at sorting out the end of P8. As always, the support I've received from the caving community is unreal! So far I've got 5/6 dry cavers and 4/5 divers willing to help. This is just a general appeal to anyone who may wish to lend a hand or...
  11. ah147

    P8 to Sump 10

    So a few people have asked for a trip report from the end of P8 and they can't wait for the newsletter. I'm not much of a writer, but here goes: After a set up trip on Thursday night, everything was set for a trip down to the end Saturday, 7s were beyond sump 3, and all other gear was at the...
  12. ah147

    P8 fixed ropes

    It's been a long project, but I've finally succeeded in getting to the end, scaring myself shitless and I think discovering some new passage! I've still got some dive gear down there and need to undertake some clean up dives. But when this is done, the ropes will be coming out. Hopefully...
  13. ah147

    The Definition of Insanity

    They say the definition of insanity is to repeat the same process expecting different results. Now I like taking photos, but have zero artistic talent. I'm also a heavy handed SOB. I've got one of these coming tomorrow: http://shop-uk.ricoh-imaging.eu/wg-4.html How does this relate? Well I...
  14. ah147

    Maillons, WHY?

    Why do people insist on using fiddly and slow things when biners are so freely available?
  15. ah147

    Matlock Bath, Name That Entrance

    Saw an entrance off Matlock bath yesterday. About 15m North of the castle wall near the weir. I have a funny feeling I know the name but some confirmation would be nice. Took two (bad) pictures of it on my phone.
  16. ah147

    Peak Dale Cavern

    Hi All, Was reading an old newsletter, mentioned a Peak Dale Cavern. I've searched around but can't drag any info up on it. Anybody know anything? Cheers, Ash
  17. ah147

    Warmer Wetsuits

    Top tip for wetsuits... Buy an old knackered two old knackered drysuits off eBay with latex seals. Buy a tube of aquasure. Cut off latex wrist seals. Aquasure to wrists and ankles of wetsuit. Reduces flushing lots and literally any idiot can do it. You'd probably think it would be...
  18. ah147

    Two for one on technical tips!

    Never forget that Daren drums float! Like really really floaty. The amount of people I've waited for whilst they worried about a bag dragging them down in water is unreal! However, I never quite realised how floaty until I had a bag with a  drum full of diving gear, a drum full of digging...
  19. ah147

    Britain First

    Hi all, I know its against common sense to talk religion or politics, but I'd just like to raise awareness of a worrying cancer in UK society currently. A group called Britain First. For those who haven't heard of them, effectively they trick people into supporting them, both financially and...
  20. ah147

    Crow Opinion Poll Poll

    As per the poll question really.