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    Totes Gebirge expo 2022 talk - 7th March

    Reminder that we have a talk tomorrow at 7 PM. Come along to find more about our annual expedition to the Loser Plateau in Austria. The talk will be taking place at Cambridge Uni, and streamed on Zoom. There will likely also be rooms booked at Bristol and Leeds uni, so message me if you want...
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    Totes Gebirge expo 2022 talk - 7th March

    Nat (2022 leader) will be giving a talk on the Totes Gebirge (CUCC) expo, summarising the last 5 expeditions, then focussing on what we achieved last year. Come along to find out more about our recent finds, and all the exciting areas of ongoing exploration we have - 7 pm on Tuesday 7th March...
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    CUCC Austria Expedition 2022 blog

    Here's some figures and photos showing the SMK system, Fischgesicht and Balkonhöhle: Overall SMK system: The Schwarzmooskogel (SMK) system (right) shown in relation to the Schoenberg-Hohlenen (SH) system. 264 = Balkonhohle, 290 = Fischgesicht, 291 = Glückliche Schmetterlingshöhle. Credit: Nat...
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    CUCC Austria Expedition 2022 blog

    The CUCC expedition begins this Monday (25th July), after a two-year hiatus. Over 5 weeks, we’ll see 40+ people congregating in Totes Gebirge, Austria, to continue exploring caves on the Loser Plateau. We’ll be reporting the progress of this year’s expo on this thread and (hopefully) sharing all...
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    2019 CUCC Austria Expedition - rope sponsorship entry

    CUCC?s Austria expedition has been running for over 40 years, discovering and exploring new cave on the Loser plateau in the Totes Gebirge region of central Austria. The main cave system explored here, the Schwarzmooskogel (SMK) system is now over 150km long, over 1000m deep, and still going...