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    'Descent issue 291 is published on 1 April, so subscribers' copies will be posted out next week. Please note: we are currently away on a caving trip, so our online shop will be closed until 20 April. While we are away, individual copies can still be bought from Inglesport and Starless River.'.

    New Descent board here:

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    Dl16 charger

    Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated. I have ordered a 4.2v 5a adapter
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    Dl16 charger

    Tried. I even thought about the 4.2v charger modules to replace the original board
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    Dl16 charger

    Hi. Hopefully someone will be able to help. I have two oldham Dl16 caplamps and the charger is now u/s. Is there any where a none oem charger can be obtained. I have looked online and only seem to find the oem one. Thanks in advance