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    Camping on NRW land, complaint received by CAL

    To add, similar seems to be happening at Severn Trent and Dwr Cymru car parks
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    Camping on NRW land, complaint received by CAL

    There appears to be a concerted campaign by NRW to stop over night camping on their land at the moment. Arond here nearly all their car aprks now have signs banning overnight parking and it is being policed by them and the Police. Much of this seems to have been caused by indescrimate dumping...
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    Drove through earlier this week and a compound has been set up in the car park below the (closed) Star Inn, and various drilling/corring equipment can be seen in and around the area. Local rumour is that they are coring the waste tips for possible reclamation of any lead ore remaining.
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    Tregynon, Powys

    I was doing a patient transport job this week in the Tregynon area and had my OS map open and noted a disused mine shaft mentioned at (roughly) SO104 996. Can't seem to find anything about this, and I would have thought it is well out of the area for lead mines. Anyone know anything about it...