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  1. irnbru

    THE RESCUE - UK Premier

    Hi folks, There is a limited release premiere of a new National Geographic documentary in relation the rescue in Thailand. The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/cavedivingfilms You can book tickets for showings on the 26th October.
  2. irnbru

    Wanted - Petzl Pantin (LEFT FOOT) with Dyneema strap

    As above - if you or somebody you know has one, please drop me a PM Thanks very much!
  3. irnbru


    HELP RAISE MONEY FOR CANCER RESEARCH - In memory of Bryan "Scoff" Schofield (former chairman of the UK's Cave Diving Group) who sadly passed away last year. A number of his friends are trying to raise money for Cancer Research and The Liver Trust by canoeing the Caledonian Canal. Please show...
  4. irnbru

    Lost gloves

    Hi - from the recent CRO event in Clapham (Saturday 14th), someone has left a pair of gloves outside Valley Entrance. They are now washed and dried. If you have lost a pair at the event, drop me a PM with a description (of the gloves) and I'll get them back to you. Cheers
  5. irnbru

    The Adventures of Scoff

    Scoff is doing a talk on the 5th June (7.30pm) at the Blue Lagood Dive Centre (Leeds, Sheffield way) - cost is ?5 and having been to one of his talks before will give you a good insight into some of the work the CDG do (and have done over the years)...
  6. irnbru

    Wookey Hole - Trip Report for Scurion 700

    The Shoulders of Giants IrnBru points a heavily laden dive wagon South once again. This time he heads to deepest, darkest Somerset in order to pay his respects (and dive in) the spiritual home of cave diving - the world famous Wookey Hole. Note: Sorry to everyone who has read a trip report to...
  7. irnbru

    Glove left in BPOW

    :weep: Hi all - not the end of the world but if somebody comes across a blue glove do please let me know. I left it at the bottom of a pitch. Cheers all!
  8. irnbru

    3D Mapping

    Hello, This technique (essentially a moving version of photogrammetry) looks very interesting: https://www.facebook.com/wkajohnson/videos/10157387450590335 Real footage top left is converted into 3d geometry and then textured to create a virtual version (bottom right). At a guess this looks...
  9. irnbru

    Valley Entrance to Rowten Sumps map

    Hi All, I'm writing a short article for a diving magazine (Scottish Diver) and looking for some help on the following: i) Photographs of Aquamole (the aven in particular) ii) Map of Valley Entrance to Rowten Sump. Note: The latter is just for reference as I'm going to redraw it. Photographs...
  10. irnbru

    WANTED: CNCC rigging gudies

    Does anybody have a copy of the CNCC rigging guides (volume 1&2) they would like to sell - thanks!!
  11. irnbru

    Wanted - Alpine Caving Techniques Book (Hardback)

    Hi, If anyone has a copy of this (the one by Marbach and Tourte) and wants to sell please send me a PM.
  12. irnbru

    Illusion Pot

    This was my 3rd cave having visited Skirwith and High Douk a few weeks ago so please excuse the novice descriptions. This is a really great cave with some real contrasts, low passages to crawl through and large caverns to wander around in, some lovely formations and truly stunning (to me) large...
  13. irnbru

    Skirwith Cave and High Douk

    Two short trips done in one evening. I'm new to caving having only visited Bull Pot and Great Douk before. Skirwith Skirwith was a showcave at one point (I think late 60s to early 70s) the gate is open and there are remnants of an old wooden walkway and concrete path - but don't let this put...
  14. irnbru

    Spares for Ecrin Roc

    Hi, Trying to locate somewhere that does spares for Ecrin Roc - a few clips (for holding light strap) broken. Any suggestions?
  15. irnbru

    Underwater drilling

    Hi - I may need to attach a bolt to some brickwork which is underwater (4m). Is there a power drill for this type of thing or am I looking at a few hours of underwater misery with a hand drill
  16. irnbru

    Classic Darksite Diving - it's finally here...

    ...and I've got a copy  :read: Martyn had said he's been working on the book for 10 years...and when you open it up you will know why. It is PACKED! Diagrams, contact details, directions, photographs.The front cover picture is a good indicator of the level of photography inside. If you have...