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    Advice on getting more sleep in a bivi bag

    Use a Nalgene (or similar safe bottle) full of boiling water as a hot water bottle. Wrap in a sock or something so it's not too hot on the skin. Then in the morning use it to make a brew. Also: go to bed warm after exercising, and use a warm synthetic sleeping bag, rather than a down one...
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    Tiny creature unlocks life before the last ice age

    On BBC today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-64377367
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    Wessex CC site not working for hut booking

    Thanks for sorting!
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    Wessex CC site not working for hut booking

    The online form to book beds at the Wessex hut doesn't seem to work for me, and the website option to send an email also returns a bounced message immediately. Can any Wessex members please PM me an email for the bookings secretary, or suggest a fix? Thanks, Scott
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    Caving Hacks, or things you learn with age?

    I never used to wear them either, until I banged my elbow hard in Lancaster Hole. It's still painful to straighten, 4 years later, so I'm keen to cushion any further knocks. I don't necessarily see the need for them for crawling, as I try to use my forearms rather than my elbows...
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    Caving Hacks, or things you learn with age?

    You'll be warmer in your caving suit with a belt on. And with a belt, the interior top half of your suit becomes one big pocket. Always wear elbow pads. Wait in a comfortable bit while following someone else through a crawl, then shoot through quickly to the next rest... The top hole of a Croll...
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    Dixon's Pipe in Seathwaite Wad Mine

    Has anybody been down Dixon's Pipe recently, and can give any info on its condition - the state of bolts, in situ ropes etc? Is it definitely passable these days? Thanks, Flashheart
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    Limbo pitch in The Cupcake

    We went for a look down the first few pitches of The Cupcake last night, but failed to find the way on from the base of Mud pitch. Can anyone who knows this part of the cave well explain where we should have gone? We couldn't spot any in-situ ropes or bolts on the chamber walls. At the far end...
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    Arson Shaft

    Has anyone done the Magic Roundabout trip recently? Just wondering about the condition of the rope on the Arson Shaft, or when it was last replaced? Any info good! Cheers, Flashheart
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    Found near County Pot entrance

    Found something yesterday -if it's yours then let me know what it is and I'll get it back to you! Scott
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    Swinsto - jammed rope

    Last night we had a jammed rope on the first section of the split pitch in Swinsto Hole, which we had to abandon. I'll be back in to retrieve it from above on Monday, but if anyone is planning a trip over the weekend, can they please bring it and the krab out and leave it at Inglesport for me...
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    Found in Long Churns Lane

    Found something today in Long Churns Lane, PM if you can tell me what it is, and I'll get it back to you. Cheers, Scott
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    Lost bag in Pillar Holes

    Last night we accidentally left a bag in number 1 shaft, Pillar Holes. I'm planning a trip at the weekend to retrieve it, but if anyone finds it first I'd be glad of a PM! Thanks, Scott
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    Anyone need a Core Skills Assessment?

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to share a LCMLA Level 1 Core Skills Assessment with me.  Will be in the Dales on 18th of February, ?80.  Please get in touch ASAP if interested. Cheers, Scott 07549034989