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  1. Juan

    Caverender Pro

    Work in progress ...
  2. Juan

    Caverender Pro

    24/2/2023: Trying it now (v.9.6.3) - data in from many formats; auto declination; Survex style rotate; import sketches; drawing tools, scaleable symbols, many undo levels; exports into svg (for Inkscape tweaking?) and pdf (for 10€). Will take in a number of caves for an area view / drawn...
  3. Juan

    Thames Water and Severn Trent Water use dowsing to detect leaks

    Andrew, see http://matienzocaves.org.uk/dowsing/index.htm
  4. Juan

    Lloyd William Cawthorne (1990 - 2022)

    Lloyd passed away unexpectedly on October 13th, aged 32. Lloyd was born 30th January 1990 and from his early days he had associations with Matienzo as his parents, Bob and Julie, had bought a part share in a house in the village. The family moved from Plymouth to Lliber, north of Benidorm, nine...
  5. Juan

    Jane McCorquodale - MNRC

    Sad news. Jane was always a keen participant in the Matienzo expeditions / explorations. Condolences to Dave.
  6. Juan

    Disappointment Trilogy

    Torca la Decepción video trilogy! Three videos about the extensions in Torca la Decepción (Disappointment Pot, site 4732) are now on YouTube. The summer 2022 extensions linked into Cueva Hoyuca in two places, brought the length of the Four Valleys System to over 70km and provided the first Riaño...
  7. Juan

    Four Valleys System extended

    A few days ago, Disappointment Pot in Matienzo was linked into Rocky Horror in Cueva Hoyuca via a drop into Shrimp Bone Inlet. The map (500m grid) shows the approximate centre line of Cueva Hoyuca as a purple line. The original correction to Armageddon is labelled "1", the new connection into...
  8. Juan

    Four Valleys System extended

    Friends of the 4 Valleys System will be pleased about the latest addition to the 67.5km network. After many hours (over years) of excavating a draughting hole in the woods to the north and above the Mushroom Field in Matienzo, Torca de la Decepción (Disappointment Pot) has become the 14th and...
  9. Juan

    Matienzo Caves Project, Covid-19 and summer visits.

      We believe that a, possibly limited, exploratory caving permit for Matienzo may possibly be issued by mid-July.*   Due to Covid-19 we strongly advise that there be no long caving / pushing trips and that any caving activity is limited to surface prospecting and near-surface digs in small...
  10. Juan

    Book - Matienzo Caves Project: 2010 - 2019

      Circumstances have forced us to delay the "Matienzo Caves Project: 2010 - 2019" book. The publication date is now 27th November which is just in time for Xmas presents! The good news is that the content will not be too much out-of-date. The book has turned out to be 510 A4 pages with indices...
  11. Juan

    Matienzo Summer activities cancelled

    Circumstances are forcing us to think well ahead and, unfortunately, with all the uncertainties, we are postponing the August Gran Fiesta that was to be held in Matienzo. We hope to reschedule for August 2021. Caving may or may not occur this summer. No permit has yet been received and travel...
  12. Juan

    Coronavirus and Matienzo Caves Project Easter expedition

    Because of the developing coronavirus situation in both Spain and the UK, and the possible implications, e.g. 'social isolation' for expedition participants and Spaniards we have decided that - There will not be a central Germ?n's Bar office nor a central logbook for the Easter expedition. - If...
  13. Juan

    Matienzo: 60 Years of Speleology

    It's been 10 years since we celebrated 50 years of speleology around Matienzo, so the next party is being planned. Details of the preliminary programme for the "Gran Fiesta" weekend are online. http://www.matienzocaves.org.uk/history/60years/index.htm The link can also be found at the bottom...
  14. Juan

    Matienzo 2018 summer expedition website updates

    The 2018 summer expedition updates are complete. http://www.matienzocaves.org.uk/latest-website-updates.htm They include a new version of the Matienzo Caves Project QGIS map. http://www.matienzocaves.org.uk/MCP-QGIS/index.htm As well as the usual contours, cave lines, entrances, etc., this...
  15. Juan

    Survey combined compass / clino

    Cave surveyors who haven't branched out into DistoX territory might be interested in the combined compass / clino made by Eyeskey. (Google 'Eyeskey compass clino'). I've just got one for Matienzo. At ?69.99 (or less) it would appear to be well made and up to the Suunto standard (cost of Suunto...
  16. Juan

    Matienzo Christmas explorations

    A little teaser from the Xmas team exploring new passage: "A fine upstream passage ended far too soon in a sump and a tight packed boulder choke after barely 100m. The cave is now just over 900m long, and 200m deep. We have had an awesome time exploring this superb pothole rivaling the best the...
  17. Juan

    Missing person: Michael "Squirrel" Wood

    Squirrel has not been seen by his friends and family for a number of weeks. He's a walker and caver and a member of the Bolton Speleo Club who lives in Bolton and Clapham, North Yorkshire. He has mobility issues and can appear frail. The police (GMP Bolton South) have issued a Facebook appeal...
  18. Juan

    Matienzo Caves Project - pre-Easter Meeting

      As a bit of an experiment, the Matienzo Caves pre-Easter Meeting, (Saturday March 11th, 6.30 at the Bunk House, Clapham) will be broadcast to the Matienzo Caves & Caving Facebook group using "Facebook Live". This will allow absent group members, e.g. southerners and foreigners, to view the...
  19. Juan

    Alasdair Neill - RIP

    Alasdair "Ali" Neill died from cancer in a Plymouth nursing home on 28th October. He had a real passion for all underground explorations, caves and mines. He played a pivotal role during his 28 years associated with the Matienzo Caves Project, especially in recent years with his survey work in...
  20. Juan

    Paul Dold

    Paul Dold (1973 - 2016)   Many will have heard of the death of Paul Dold on August 30th while diving at East Portholland near St Austell. The large number of public tributes on Facebook show that Paul was loved and respected by his family and others in whatever activity he took part in - his...