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    US American Caver Living In Denmark Looking to Cave in UK and Beyond (?!)

    If you are interested in caves in Northern Germany, please contact me. :)
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    The Old Eldon Hostel

    Was this the fine house with the bunk bed and a possibility to breed rabbits? Split from original Topic about Torchy in the obits section as requested.[.gmod]
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    Meander Alustar - acetylene generator

    Hej all, someone maybe still has a "Meander Alustar" carbide acetylene generator (from the Czech Republic) in his shed and could maybe take some pictures for me. I'm interested in the overall design, but sadly never had the chance to get one in my own hands. These generators are not produced...
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    Hello from Germany

    Hello  :) Actually I'm absolutly not new to caving, but new to the world of british caves. Having some personal links to the UK, I'm interessed to earn some view to your cavers world  :) I'm from the very far north of germany (danish border), but active in the Harz Mountains, Lower Saxony...