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    Film - A Crack in the Mountain

    Article in the May 2023 Geographical magazine https://geographical.co.uk/science-environment/a-crack-in-the-mountain
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Little Neath
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    New discovery in BULGARIA

    Zidanka cave
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    15ème édition du Rallye Spéléo de la Basilique de Koekelberg 25 AUG AT 13:00 – 27 AUG AT 15:00 UTC+01

    Time to test your SRT skills. This is fabulous 😁😁 The REDAN club do amazing things for the promotion of caving and their children's clubs are brilliant. Sorry there only seems to be a Facebook page
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    Caving Festival 22nd to 24th Sept 2023

    Please can you put a direct link to it here as I am not sure I have the correct page on your web site. I want to pass it on to friends. :)
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    Pierre's Pot
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    Film - A Crack in the Mountain

    Received an email from Dartmouth Films. They are showing the documentary film which is about Hang Son Doong cave at the Curzon, Soho, London on 25th May. https://www.acrackinthemountain.com/ link to buy tickets: https://www.curzon.com/films/a-crack-in-the-mountain/HO00004544/ From: Sophie...
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    Caving Festival 22nd to 24th Sept 2023

    I went down the Berger to camp 1 with a regular caver who had one artificial leg. He coped an awful lot better than me.
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    Caving Festival 22nd to 24th Sept 2023

    Are you after helpers or people to buy tickets and enjoy themselves?
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    Caving Festival 22nd to 24th Sept 2023

    This popped up on my fb page, but I can't find it on the BCA web page or the BendriggTrust web page.
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    Chatterley Whitfield

    I have been trying to get more information on this chimney as the guide said they didn't know what it was for. A couple of people suggested a Shot Tower but there appears to be only 3 known ones in the UK & this isn't one of them. I have looked at maps & found something next to the railway...
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    Chatterley Whitfield

    Just by chance, managed to catch the first tour of the year. Excellently presented by volunteers, lots of artifacts, and given a walk round the large site. The volunteers have a passion for the site and are working hard to digitise documentation, very large maps & technical drawings. They have...
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    Species of Fish in UK caves

    From Otter Hole diving trip report by Pete Hall https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?threads/otter-hole-beyond-the-upstream-sumps.28245/ The 6th comment with photo of the fish July 10 2021 "Craig has now sent me a still from the video footage. This was spotted in the pool at the downstream...
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    Old human remains found in Furness cave

    And on BBC BBC News
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    Mossdale solo.

    I think Jen is talking about Pridhamsleigh :)
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    Mossdale solo.

    Jenbob83, if you are "going to do a few little caves first." you can't go very wrong by going into all corners and levels of Pridhamsleigh which is slightly closer to Cornwall & has quite a few 'challenges' in it's depths. You could then work up to going into Otter Hole. Next years calendar...
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    A decade later (!): Goatchurch The Movie

    tommyboyblitz If you are on your own , don't go down The Lobster Pot in Sidcot Swallet :oops: unless you are sure you could get out again :unsure: or have left a call out with someone (y) Video by Caver Keith
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    Robbie Shone in Geographical

    On-line. Geographical sadly they inserted a random video of someone walking through a lava tube which adds nothing to the article. :cautious:
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    Robbie Shone in Geographical

    Robbie has a 2 page article in the November Geographical magazine under Geo-Photographer. Entitled Depth of Vision. Sadly they don't seem to have that section on-line. It is a great place to loose yourself down numerus 'rabbit holes' though Geographical It features several of his...
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    Graphic in Oct Geographical

    I did wonder how accurate some of the numbers are but felt assured there will be someone on here who would correct it if needed ;)