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    SUICRO 2023 - Irish Caving Symposium

    Great, will be going to this!
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    Club WhatsApp Groups

    Any club I have been part of is now using WhatsApp, my university club once used Messenger before Covid but more people had WhatsApp so they switched. No set rules in any of my groups on what’s posted but it all tends to be caving related anyway.
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    Irish Student Caving Forum 2023

    ISCF 2023 7-10th April Clare Scout Centre The Irish Student Caving Forum is the annual intervarsity for university caving clubs on the island of Ireland. This year Queen’s University Belfast Caving Club are hosting it at Clare Scout Centre, Ruan, Co Clare. It’s about a 15 minute drive from...
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    Caving in Germany

    I’m no expert and have never been caving in Germany but, I hear wherever there are caves there they are fairly small and access is closely guarded.
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    Pollaraftra no access

    I know access has been very tricky in the last few years unfortunately. My first cave with QUBCC too, I haven’t been in it in years.
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    HIGHLY recommend Il Buco ("The Hole") - Italian Film recreating the 1961 exploration of Abisso del Bifurto in Calabria

    i went to see it in Belfast at the QFT where I think it’s last screening is this evening it was a nice film
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    QUBCC Webinar with Geological Survey of Northern Ireland

    Tuesday 8th February, at 7pm UTC, Queen?s University Belfast Caving Club will host a webinar with speakers, Dr Lemon and Dr Wilson from the GSNI on to talk about the geology and hydro-geology of the Marble Arch Cave area. Talk will take place over Microsoft Teams, link below...
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    Evening Talk with Richard Watson about ?douard Martel

    Queen's University Belfast Caving Club are holding an online event on Wednesday, 5th May 2021 at 19:00 UTC+01, with Richard Watson giving a presentation about ?douard-Alfred Martel, the famous "father of modern speleology"! It will be held as a video conference over Microsoft Teams. Here is a...
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    QUBCC Evening Talk with Shane Diffily

    2021/04/07 19:00 GMT+01 QUBCC Evening Talk with Shane Diffily At 7pm (UTC+01) on Wednesday, 7th April, Queen?s University Belfast Caving Club will be hosting, over Microsoft Teams, a presentation from Shane Diffily, co-founder of the Dublin Caving Group. The presentation will be called...