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  1. Pegasus

    Free tents - 2 of.

    Someone is coming to look at (and hopefully take down and take with them) the larger tent tomorrow :)
  2. Pegasus

    Free tents - 2 of.

    Still up in the garden if folks want to check them out. Would love them gone soon as, thanks :)
  3. Pegasus

    Free tents - 2 of.

    Having a clear out. Have used both of these tents many times, however they are now years old. Would I camp in either of them in the Lakes in winter? No. Might be of use for festival if forecast dry (no leaving behind to go in landfill), kids play tent maybe or if you risk it general camping but...
  4. Pegasus

    May 2023 CNCC Newsletter now out!

    Apologies for the delay in highlighting this - I've been camping in a field for a week 😁 Folks, anything you would like adding to notices, please do let me know, cheers, Pegasus
  5. Pegasus

    Easegill foodies

    Reading this, I'm feeling hungry 🤣🤣
  6. Pegasus

    Work at Height & Lifting Instructor at SpanSet

    Bumping this post again. If you know someone who would be interested in this position, please pass on the details. I work for SpanSet (Marketing) and can vouch for what a decent company they are. There are a number of cavers working for SpanSet (even the MD!) and caving skills are appreciated...
  7. Pegasus

    Do you ever find treasure underground?

    It's ridiculous how much I am enjoying this thread. It's the word 'treasure' and finding it....am a bit disappointed no one has posted a photo of a treasure chest full of gold coins they found underground 😁
  8. Pegasus

    Wessex dads/kids trip to Sandford Levy

    These post showing kids going caving always bring a huge smile, thanks for posting.
  9. Pegasus

    Vietnam Expedition 23

    Thanks, in my defence in the photo the guy is kneeling 😁
  10. Pegasus

    Vietnam Expedition 23

    Sounds epic. SUP??
  11. Pegasus

    Where is the 'delete my account' button?

    Hello Roger, oh my. I've gone from being pretty annoyed to being quite emotional in the best of ways. Thank you so much for your post, it absolutely makes running the forum worthwhile. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your wife, though glad to hear you both had so long together...
  12. Pegasus

    Where is the 'delete my account' button?

    ...and off all other social media too because non of them are perfect either are they?? This is first and foremost a caving forum. We know from experience certain off caving topics can cause strong emotions on many sides. Moderating such arguments is not easy. There is no billion pound backing...
  13. Pegasus

    Work at Height & Lifting Instructor at SpanSet

    Bumping this post. Sam Wilkinson, Training Manager at SpanSet told me today they are still looking to fill this post and ideally would like someone with a caving or climbing back ground. If you know anyone this would be of interest to, please pass on, thank you
  14. Pegasus

    Tickets for Northern Explorers forum 2023 go on sale on 10th March

    I had a sneak preview - it's excellent 😁
  15. Pegasus

    Nominations deadline for the AGM closing midnight Sunday 19th March

    That's such sad news about student caving in Ireland, I didn't know. Hope it can be turned around...
  16. Pegasus

    Nominations deadline for the AGM closing midnight Sunday 19th March

    Those over 55 with basic competency were forced out too. A lifetime in Sales and Marketing, 30+ years caving experience, the free time and will to want to make a difference - but no, not good enough and so the P&I position (which should be renamed marketing) remains vacant. Members of BCA are...
  17. Pegasus

    Caving Illnesses

    Caving is a social activity. Being amongst friends is good for you 😁
  18. Pegasus

    Documentary about the big rescue from OFD last November

    We watched it a few weeks ago - top viewing, well done all round.
  19. Pegasus

    Oversuits and wellies

    Inside - or I struggle to bend my knees, restricted by the suit :)