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  1. alastairgott

    A significant dig?

    I think they hail for ancient Derbyshire, by the looks of those shotholes.
  2. alastairgott

    Calling Tony Seddon

    I saw him today, definitely alive and kicking, purveying gear to one of the youthquake in our club.
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    A decade later (!): Goatchurch The Movie

    what happened to the descent by cap n chris?
  4. alastairgott

    Sistema Huautla tops the 100 km mark

    The Hoff! Any grenades?
  5. alastairgott

    Swallet stream erosion control - Brash Bundles?!?

    Nah I don’t think it’s stating the obvious. leylandii are considered cute quick growing plants, and are actually huge towering beasts. anything that grows Is a pest if you just expected it to sit and be the same for eternity.
  6. alastairgott

    Swallet stream erosion control - Brash Bundles?!?

    it's in an area which is the most Northerly set of swallets in the North Derbyshire area. Willow seems to be the most accepted method of erosion control, i guess its a bit better than a dead lump of wood which is guaranteed to rot or some metal which will become rusty. so in terms of...
  7. alastairgott

    Swallet stream erosion control - Brash Bundles?!?

    A friend of mine wants to start a local project, I hope great things will come of it. one of the main problems we can see is that the swallet has the potential to fill with mud (/sediment?) from the banks of the stream leading upto the swallet. having done some research, I've found a thing...
  8. alastairgott

    Calling Tony Seddon

    There’s a number on his website, I’m sure he would pick up. And it looks like you’re South Wales based, which is where he’s at this weekend. You could bell the SWCC hut at the weekend if you’re still at a loss.
  9. alastairgott

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    The ladders are shot, got couple of metres down before running away. Might be ok with an electron or SRT.
  10. alastairgott

    Roosting bats in Goatchurch

    We spotted 3 and a half in read's cavern on Friday. The half one was flying around, so we couldn't be sure if it may have been one that we had seen before, and weren't about to run around the three again to check they had not moved.
  11. alastairgott

    Heading caving

    I had literally no idea how close Bristol Airport was till I drove past it on Thursday night, it must be the closest airport to a caving region! It was a very chilled but also quite silly Easter weekend, thank you Mendip for not disappointing.
  12. alastairgott

    Liverpool university pothole club

    I would read it too, sounds like a story that needs publishing, so that others don't fall into the same trap. Still, I'm sure there are many ways to treat student groups, such as this classic from Feb 2016.
  13. alastairgott

    Giants down geology tomorrow eve- looking for a second

    Yep, and delivered to the cussey base camp and rehab centre in litton.
  14. alastairgott

    Giants down geology tomorrow eve- looking for a second

    Hi TT, not for Friday, but have been on a trip today. Had my car keys moved out of the cave. Briefly thought the worst, but was happy to be reunited with the keys to my dry clothes! Foam on the far curtain, but same level as I’ve ever seen it, bit of an ear/face wetter.
  15. alastairgott

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    It was great to hear it from you first hand last night. sorry it wasn't your drill bit! from your video it looked like a very fine streamway and an incredible find!
  16. alastairgott

    Giants down geology tomorrow eve- looking for a second

    I need to get down geology and through far curtain tomorrow evening. I want a second person on the trip and have not had a yes, so need to throw it out to a few more people. If You know me, have been there before and want to tag along on a 2+hour trip please let me know.
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    found: 8mm drill bit

    Amongst my  :dig: gear. I have found an 8mm drill bit which isn't mine, if anyone i've been digging with is missing one, it's probably me  :o :spank:
  19. alastairgott

    A place to park in/near Preston?

    I'm arranging a lift share to the fantastic lead mines of Nenthead, preston seems to be a good converging point for people meeting from Greater Manchester and the Satellite cities of Birmingham. A longshot, but has anyone parked in Preston before, or know the nearby places well enough to suggest...
  20. alastairgott

    Cheesy Grins of Caving

    I'll start off with a photo from this weekend taken by Rob Eavis. When I was starting out caving me and a few mates noticed that there were many "serious face" caving shots taken, and these photos were typically the ones which went to print. Cheesy Grins and comical shots were excluded...