• Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023 - Sat 30th September - It's On!

    The event is now being held at the Mechanics Institute in the centre of Eyam (opposite the church), still on Saturday 30th September, with doors opening at 15:00. Best bit is that there is a bar on site.

    Entry is free and there will be evening meal also. More details to follow...

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    Travelling abroad with caving kit

    Nope, according to the BA website it is Economy (with checked bag) 1 x 23kg bag Premium economy 2 x 23kg bags Business 2 x 32kg bags First 3 x 32kg bags Admittedly you won't be first or business so they would probably charge extra for the excess weight. Just make sure you don't go over 32kg...
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    Wet Sink Pollution

    They also have a website that should show such issues https://inyourarea.digdat.co.uk/dwrcymru This doesn't show the incident either.
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    Club Group Email Systems

    Google groups works for us as well. There were some issues with emails to/from some providers but it seems to have been resolved.
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    Bradford CAZ

    If you look at the intersection of the A6177 and the A641 (Manchester Road) the zone explicitly includes the A6177. There is also a statement in Q&A which states that the A6177 is within the CAZ.
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    Advice sought on LED house bulbs

    The old style dimmer doesn't work with LEDs. LEDs need a trailing edge dimmer whilst old switches were leading edge dimmers since those work best with incandescent bulbs. Basic difference is whether do you cut the front or rear of the voltage waveform. Yes you can get dimmable LEDs, slightly...
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    Advice sought on LED house bulbs

    I believe it does matter. You also need to check the type of dimmer - old dimmer switches are not compatible with LED lights. LED lights don't need a slow switch on so you may be able to just remove the dimmer itself.
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    Advice needed - smoking battery charger.

    It means the transformer is probably overheating. For safety I wouldn't continue to use it since the plastic is there for safety.
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    Hidden Earth 2022

    A commercial bar will mean a slight increase in fees since the bar makes a small profit for the event. Beer prices would also be higher. Neither reason is a show stopper but it will affect the numbers who attend. Taking away the camping would affect the evening socialising. People would...
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    hidden Earth 2022 - is there going to be one?

    The bar is run by volunteers so there are no overheads or staff to pay. Means that the price we pay is trade plus a small margin for Hidden Earth etc. If we switch to a commercial offering then prices would rise significantly to pay for those extra costs. Hopefully there wouldn't be any...