• Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023 - Sat 30th September - It's On!

    The event is now being held at the Mechanics Institute in the centre of Eyam (opposite the church), still on Saturday 30th September, with doors opening at 15:00. Best bit is that there is a bar on site.

    Entry is free and there will be evening meal also. More details to follow...

    Click here for more details

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    Slate Quarrying in Wales A Gazetteer 2023 edition

    This updated larger version of the Gazetteer of Slate Quarrying in Wales has been updated by Des Marshall its now A5 size and some 65 pages longer has just arrived from the publisher. It covers 718 sites underground and surface Alun John Richards Updated and Edited by Des Marshall, Sb, A5...
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    Hidden Earth Camping

    instead of being negative go for it and I will give you 10% discount at my stand
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    Hidden Earth Camping

    I doubt there will be a problem with size, there have been some enourmous motorhomes parked in the past
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    Derbyshire Explorers Forum - 30th of September 2023

    Not for me to explain the reasons for the late announcement I do know finding a suitable venue at an affordable cost post pandemic has been a problem
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    Derbyshire Explorers Forum - 30th of September 2023

    Hidden Earth was booked on the earlier weekend this year to avoid clashing with the Derbyshire Event !!
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    Looking for recommendations in NE Wales..

    do you means Metres!! as a gas meter is not a very accurate measurement!
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    Isle of Man accessible mines?

    To be correct its the Laxey Mines Research Group they are members of NAMHO and receive funding from the Manx Government . They are busy exploring Bradda Head at the moment . There is plenty to see on IoM just a matter of going through the right people . You can understand their government not...
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    Nenthead would be good :clap::clap::clap:
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    Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Open Days

    The second weekend clashes with Hidden Earth and didn't look at it as a result
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    Eryri: Big rescue operation in Croesor-Rhosydd mines

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-66568125?fbclid=IwAR1Mc_lqadJ-NEg_fJzhJqrio6eJtRBNYSc9h8LEb6cL5mvHNK4_ftfRMiM The boat stuck is causing further problems Mike
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    Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Open Days

    I have just booked there are hardly any spaces left Mike
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    Loads of Coal and British Mining 94

    I have scanned the page for you Mike
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    Isle of Man accessible mines?

    contact Pete Geddes
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    Looking for recommendations in NE Wales..

    You could try Llanmynech Ogof , that is now known to be bronze age, with romans evidence tooand more recently a victorian mine shaft Mike
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    A Complete Guide to Engine Houses of East Cornwall and Devon

    The third book in the series ( Complete Guide to the Engine Houses of West Cornwall and similarly Mid Cornwall) has just been published , Authors Damian Nance, Kenneth Brown and Tony Clarke, Softback, 210mm x 210mm, 152printed pages, full colour throughout on gloss art paper. £22.50 It is the...
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    National Mining Memorabilla association newsletters free + other publications

    These Newsletters nos 3,33, 36, 40 - 44 came with a collection of Caving and Mining books I obtained yesterday ( see new additions on my website) These are free of charge to anyone who would like Mike
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    NAMHO Conference 2023

    loads on FB - shropshire caving and Mining club pages
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    NAMHO Conference 2023

    very sorry to hear this was looking forward to seeing you again
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    A positive history of coal?

    I have several Coal Mining Books available a number which have been mentioned here Mike
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    New Book - Aberllefeni Slate Quarry - Jon Knowles

    The research, photographs historic and modern makes it probably the best book I ever seen regarding an underground slate quarry Mike